Saturday, July 12, 2008


If there's anything consistent about me it's that I'm inconsistent. (at blogging)

So first, a belated SkyWatch picture... from the fireworks on the St. Clair river.

The fireboats shoot out huge streams of water getting the crowd prepped for the show. Some of the streams make brilliant rainbows in the water mist. I didn't catch that, but I thought this was a pretty shot anyways.
My time with V home has been great. 3 fireworks shows, mall-crawling, chick times, visiting friends, laughing til it hurts and millions of hugs.

Her brother is loving having his "big" sis home, but it's that typical kind of sibling love...

Last night a wrestling-tickling-laughing-squealing-slap-happy fest broke out in the living room!!! Next thing I knew J had V in the air and she was clinging desperately to her very tall brother. (kid hates being picked up, LOL) In the end J ended up resting in V's arms and chattering.

Me? I had an enormous mom-smile the whole time.

Oh, and I haven't quit... yet.

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Tonjia said...

you just keep on smiling, Lea. You have earned all of those smiles!

drink in the joy, nothing is as good as wathing your kids love each other!