Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ah, da J Man!

Yesterday I was on call for a good chunk of the day but, lo and behold, did NOT get called in. Yeee haw! Instead, I got to spend the day with Joshua. Ok... a large portion of the day.

I tried to wake him starting just before 10am. I thought that was fair. Still 'sleeping in' for the first day of summer break, but up at a reasonable hour for a teenager, yes? At 10:40 he was out of bed and in the shower. By NOON he was dressed to turn in summer job applications, the car was loaded with a massive can/bottle return (.10/ea in MI) and we were ready to be out the door.

Cans/bottles done, errand to get Father's Day gift complete, job app turned in we headed out for lunch together.

J and I have a 'thing' for evaluating local burger joints and both of us had a yen to try the FUDDRUCKERS on Woodward Ave.. So North we went.

On the way we saw a lot of downed trees and Edison/ATT trucks repairing the power lines from our recent tornadoes. Whole swaths of large trees lay twisted and shattered like so many toothpicks on the ground and in the roadway. Caution tape stretched for 100s of yards.

But that all happened on Sunday. No prob, right? Reaching our destination (10 miles N out of our way) we saw a sign on the door.
So the burger evaluation* will have to wait. sigh
We went to Duggan's (closer to home) and T joined us.

After lunch there were two more quick stops to make and then home... to put together T's Father's Day gift and present it to him before he left (this morning) for AZ, to visit his dad.

Out in the schvitz (sweaty humidity) in the back yard, unbeknownst to T, J and I assembled his gift... A new hammock stand. We called T out to the yard and... I think he even stayed awake saying 'thank you' for a whole 10 minutes before falling into an hour long nap right there in his newly hung hammock! That was quite the thanks. I think he likes it. LoL

Meanwhile J planted 4 celosia and I got ready to go out with my gf Lorie. We had a wonderful visit, catching up on everything under the sun. The evening was cool and calm here so that was really nice too.

All in all it was a wonderful gift of a day with J and my gf.
Today I'm working and he'll be BBQing dinner. :)
Tomorrow I think we'll go see a matinee of KungFuPanda.

In between we're getting things ready for Avivah to come home.
Two weeks from today she will graduate Technical School and put on her A1C stripes. A day later, if all goes well, she should be HOME!!!

*Duggan's burgers are good, but not the best. Thusfar the best burger in the Metro Detroit area goes to CheeburgerCheeburger in Birmingham. And yes, J applied to work there. Job title? Connoisseur, of course! LoL


Drew said...

zOMG! she's actually coming home??? *jumps for joy* And I wish J much luck in finding a job. I've been looking for a month and haven't found anything, but hopefully he'll be luckier than I've been.

Tonjia said...

Fuddruckers is good, but they server a HUGE amount of food! Gotta try those chili chees fries!

It sounds like a great day with J, Lea. When you have teenagers those mom and son/daughter days dont come around that often.

I can hardly wait for V to come home, it has been a long time and I know she misses her family, most of all mom..