Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Detroit Dream Project

I spent a portion of my day at this amazing project site in the Old Reford area of Detroit, an area deeply hit by urban blight, learning how Joshua, friends and I (and you too!) can be a part of reclaiming a small donated patch of land, where once stood a crack house, that is in the process of being transformed, by volunteers with the help of California designer David Best, into a community temple/pavillion.

This is a truly beautiful labor of love and we're excited to be even a tiny part of making it happen. Take a look at the scale of it!

Tomorrow morning we will be clearing the area of all debris, pulling weeds, moving benches, planting daylillies and disposing of broken asphalt so that the landscapers can begin to level the soil and bring in sod patches. If you're close enough to make it ~ please come help!

The first event that will take place there is a wedding ~ On Saturday afternoon!

Please read more about The Detroit Dream Project and the Temple of the American Dream.
And you really are welcome to come down and join us tomorrow morning!

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Debbie said...

Wonderful way to help the community Lea! Great job for you and Josh to do together :)