Sunday, June 1, 2008


I hate being "on call". It means that I can't make plans with my family or friends. Even my own person plans, like gardening or grocery shopping, are not scheduled for on call days.

See, I get angry when those plans have to be cancelled. It'd be great if I could just "go with it", be happy about having a paycheck at all, small as it is, and not be disgruntled, but that doesn't seem to be what happens.

Then there's the times when, a day ahead they tell you they probably won't need you so you actually make plans... and you call in 2 hours before the on call shift (as required) and they call you in! Grrr.

So Friday night was one of those and I got called in from 6-close, which is usually 10pm though we lock the doors at 9. I wore linen capris with a light 3/4 sleeve shirt and a matching hemp belt over the shirt. The thermostat at the store was set at 67. Sounds comfy and potentially even chilly, oui? HA!

I walked in to a sweatbox. The temp in the store was 78 degrees!!!

We had customers complaining about the heat, people refusing to try on their clothes, and a line of more than two had people walking out because it was too hot to stand still while holding their items. My face was sweaty and I felt a trickle run down my back more than once. I had to wash off what little makeup I wore because it was too humid and I looked a hot mess. Each employee took turns running for a quick sip at the drinking fountain in the back room. AND we were consistently busy! Heaven knows those shoppers must have been desperate for their purchases to have braved the sweatlodge our store was. Blech.

I asked to open the stock room door so the thermostat would get a more accurate reading (part of the problem is that the thermostat is in the cool, windowless back room). Nope, security risk. I asked to call home and have the industrial fan brought over. I got laughed at. Did my manager think I wasn't serious?! Fool.

For the hour after we locked the doors until the store was put back in order it got even warmer. I brought my bottled water onto the floor with me.

So Yesterday... I worked 4-close. Anticipating the heat I wore a sleeveless shirt and a linen skirt with my hair up and nothing but mascara for makeup.

Once again it was nauseatingly warm when I walked in the store. With one difference... in a vain attempt to cool the place down the thermostat was set to 45 degrees!!

Temp in the store? 78

Our returns rate has been higher because people haven't been trying on their clothes; so you'd think the company would be interested? Nope. Not so far as I can tell. The heating and cooling people have been there several times trying to figure out the problem. My understanding is that they've contacted corporate about a solution. My guess is that it's caught in corporate red tape or they think we can tough it out. Umm, it's only Spring! Can you imagine what Summer will be like??? I mean seriously people... there ought to be a law!

Oh and yeah - I'm on call from 1-6 today too. AHHHHHH!


Debbie in NC said...

Ugh, I feel for you and I hope you do not get called in today! I hate working in the heat when it matters that you're dripping sweat and customers are miserable. It's bad for business, I agree. It's 79 here already and I think we're in for a hot summer like last year.

I haven't forgotten the meme! Just haven't done it LOL!

Irisi said...

Yucky work conditions :( Sorry to hear that you work in a sauna now a'days.

So, my mom is a gas. I think you would love her... I wish I could introduce her to all the trills, but alas, she's moving in a few weeks.

I miss you! I'm looking forward to being back in Michigan to catch up with everybody..