Friday, June 13, 2008

Spoiled Mom

I was such a spoiled mom yesterday!

Just as I was getting ready for work V called and we chatted a bit. She had an unexpected PT, so got shower time and a little bit of "free" time, though she was cleaning and getting things done while chattering. She chose to call mom. Happy me!

Her new phone's really decent on speaker phone so I don't protest as much as I might otherwise. What's the absolute worst is when she text messages while we talk... it sounds like I'm being bludgeoned in the ear with a bunch of carrots!! Ouch!

She's still waiting to have her PT evaluation. They need to do both female MMTs together. Unfortunately, her 'twin' is unable to do it yet because she slid into base during a Base Challenge baseball game, wearing shorts, and tore up the side of her leg with 'road rash'. (Badly enough that she was on crutches for a few days!) Some of it's scabbed over and healing just fine, but one area is infected. Oy! Until it happens, V takes every day as though it might be eval day, which I think is a healthy attitude. Better prepared than not, right?

She says that night shift is a rowdy bunch and they trashed the day shift's classroom this week just for kicks. She (day shift) was not amused. There's one guy in that shift/class that is a great student and she feels badly for him. The rest, in her words, are 'losers' as MMTs. Same ol' opinionated V, eh?!

I'm wondering, especially in light of the recent firings at the AF's highest level, how these less-than-stellar students will do at their future bases with the behaviour problems and 'barely passing' test scores they have. Sheesh, you'd think that the minimum passing grade would be higher than a 75 for this particular profession?! Makes me nervous thinking that the application of one wrong bolt by these knuckleheads and the world could be a very different place. shudder

On a brighter note: Speaking of test scores, (warning: insanely proud mom moment coming) V is #2 in her class as of this writing! Wahoo! 2 weeks and counting to get that hug I've been craving. :-D

On the home front I was really spoiled yesterday by Joshua!

Before I left for work he and I planned a BBQ menu for which he had to go to the store and buy marinade for the swordfish steaks he was defrosting. Soon after I left, off on his bike he went. He chose a delish Caribbean Jerk marinade, bought it... only to find that someone had "jacked" his bike while he was inside. (That's "stole" for those of you w/o teens). He walked home. :(

I'm getting this story after I got off work and checked my voicemails. What he had left of his bike (which he said he locked to itself through the frame and wheel) was the seat! I was so mad. He was upset too. I purposely stopped at the same store for milk and ventured a look-see around. I mean, who wants a bike without a seat?

There it was, no lock or seat post, behind the CVS on the other end of the strip mall. I brought it home. It needs a little bit of brake work and a replacement seat post ~and lock~ but otherwise it's ok and we're both relieved. Lesson learned, no harping required.

SO! In the midst of all of this, Joshua still manages to keep the cat from tasting the swordfish while it defrosted, marinate the steaks, prep the grill and bake brownies! I assembled a salad and made potatoes. Together we had made the most delicious dinner! What a great ending to an 'interesting' day.

In other mom news:

A couple of days ago I got a post-surgery call from the daughter of my gf (AF mom) Lolly in CA. Everything went a little better than expected and Lolly's already home resting, one day later. This particular daughter, like mine, is a friend and a gift to her mom in so many ways. L-A, you rock!

Big congrats to AF mom Deb whose daughter N just announced her engagement!

And my frend Michele is celebrating her daughter Macie's HS graduation this weekend. There's another mother/daughter team that rocks. V and Macie are friends and leading the way for Michele and I. Ok, we all rock.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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Tonjia said...

Glad to hear V is doing great, she will go far!

As for the AF, nothing they do surprises me.

Have a great Friday the 13th, and enjoy your weekend!