Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Joshua and Jake

J and I slept in a little yesterday (as late as Mooch would allow me to) and then headed to the bank and the post office to mail V a little belated birthday surprise from her brother.

From there we picked up J's girlfriend S and the three of us went to see KungFu Panda. Great flick! Skadoosh! LOL I highly recommend it.

Then it was home to change into jeans and grab S a sweatshirt as the evening cooled down. Quick dinner at Toxic Hell [aka: Taco Bell] and it was off to Dragonmead to meet friends for a glass of their newest brew "Dark Heathen" (for the adults of course!)

Just the name of it had me at 'Hello', but the taste? Oh my goodness! Smooth and spicy, dark and not heavy. I was in heaven. Be careful if you go try it though. It's 13% alcohol and sneaks up on you! I brought munchies to share and one of the gang ordered a cheese tray, so we were fine.

J and S played darts and hung out while the 4 adults gabbed about all things political and otherwise. We raised a toast at 8pm (5pm in California) in honor of same sex marriage. S really enjoyed Dragonmead's Lemonade Soda, which is my favorite too.

Gosh it was a good day.

I was tempted to add the pics, but the best marriage pic award goes to CopperPom.

Sad news to share posted by urbanfairies, whose blog I just found, who writes:
Jake Woods passed away on September 16th. Most of us knew him as "Shakey Jake".


Shakey Jake was an Ann Arbor, MI icon. Everyone knew of him and was happy to see him and his loose-strung guitar, gracing random A2 street corners. You never knew where he'd be, but you were always happy to see him. It was as if everything was 'right' with the world if Shakey Jake was a part of your day.

Rumors would swirl that there was more than one Jake, that he was a wealthy eccentric, or that he was a mental patient at University Hospital who was allowed away at random times. None of that was true. There was only one Jake. Born in New Orleans 82 years ago and 'taken' to Ann Arbor, he was a one-of-a-kind man.

Whether he was "shakey" because he physically shook a little, or because of his mental state I'm not sure. I am sure that his one mission in life was to make people smile and bring some "music" to their otherwise academic and work focused lives. He succeeded.

As belated as it is...

Dear Jake,
You will be missed by generations of Ann Arborites, townies and students alike, on whose lives you have shed incredible light.
Good Job. Thank you. Rest in Peace.


Tonjia said...

YAY for California!! You awesome people are bringing us closer to the 21st century!!

so sorry to hear about Jake..

Lea said...

Amen Sistah! Yay Cali.

Debbie said...

Well, since this is a blog and I have an opinion....

Nah, I won't say it. You can just know I'm not with you guys on this one!

Spiral said...

Awwww.....I was always so happy to see Shakey Jake when we went to A2. That makes me sad. Wonder where/when the funeral is going to be?

Lea said...

Ummm, Spiral?
The funeral for Jake Woods was in September ~ of '07.