Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who's Counting?

82 Hours 'til V arrives!!!

...and I can HUG the stuffin' out of her!!

Good news came her way with her orders. (I swear this girl is 'golden' and the AF is Divinely meant to be her path.)

At her permanent duty base (Minot AFB, ND) she could have been in one of two Squadrons. Either Missle Operations or Missle Maintenance. I thought that Operations was working to support missle readiness and Maintenance was missle facilities maintenance. Big oops on mom's part!

Operations personnel are those that work on the vehicles and in workshops that support the actual Maintenance of the missles.

Both roles are vital to the success of the mission, but her heart lies in her hands-on work with the missle. V was worried that she'd be stuck in the back of a workshop changing oil and repairing cables until she was chosen by a missle team. Being both female and small she feared that it could be quite some time before someone realized her capability and dedication to her training.

Not So! She, and another Airman who is a friend of hers, were both chosen for the Missle Maintenance Squadron!!! Oh happy day!

Here are the details:

The 91st Maintenance Group is the maintenance backbone of the 91st Space Wing. The group was originally activated as the 91st Maintenance and Supply Group on November 10, 1948. Today, the group is responsible for providing maintenance and logistics support for the wing’s ICBM fleet. The two squadrons assigned to the group are the 91st Missile Maintenance Squadron and 91st Maintenance Operations Squadron.


Debbie said...

Congratulations to V! I know she is just busting to get out of VAFB! Are the fires affecting her breathing? I know they are North of her but had her on my mind with the extreme heat in CA.

Home and then big change for her at Minot. She'll feel like a regular person again :) Especially after the homecoming and hugs!

I know you just can't wait and I'm excited for you too!

Sprial said...

"Poised for Peace"....I couldn't think of a better slogan for V's military career. :-) Much better than Rob's: "Mors Hostibus"- "death to the enemy".

Hugs to you proud momma!

Michelle said...

So the countdown begins. I shoud be more lie 79 hours by now. Congrats on the assignment V! Keep us posted on her travels home.

Tonjia said...

Lea, I am SO happy that V is doing well in the AF!! Please tell her how proud we are of her, and give her a huge hug when she gets home.

I am so excited to hear all about her experiences at Minot!

Shar said...

That is so freakin cool :)

(t-minus tomorrow!)