Friday, June 27, 2008

Sky Watch Friday & Faith to the rescue

In honor of V's graduation from Tech School yesterday, today's Sky Watch pic is from her Basic Training graduation weekend.

I love the simple swoosh of clouds against the blue San Antonio sky and the evident breeze through the palm fronds.

On another front...

I spent my entire morning trying to find transportation and a motel room for three wayward Tech School grads, V included. It seems they were told that they could not stay on base in their dorm rooms, but told too late to get a room at the base hotel. Well, shoot then. Now what?!

Their plan? Camp out in the Sant Maria airport. Ummm, there's a flaw in the plan... the airport, like most, CLOSES for a while over night!

Yes, I know she needs to learn to be a big girl and there are two other Airmen (males) with her, but there's also each person's two weeks worth of luggage, important documents, carry-ons and the most precious cargo ~ THEMSELVES ~ to consider! My kid was NOT going to sleep on the streets if *I* could help it!

I talked to Faith with Santa Maria Cab Service and she was a DOLL. Not only would she be happy to pick them up at 4:30 am tomorrow, she'd recommend a safe, nice, mom & pop motel for the night.

You take a freaked out AF mom and get a nice, cab-driving woman named Faith on the line and tell me THAT wasn't a hint?! No way. I had Faith. What more did I need?

I called the suggested motel (and called and called until 8am PST) and heard the voice of a sweet lady named Diana. She must be a mom because she "got it" right away. I made a room reservation for the Airmen and they can split it 3 ways and pay in cash when they arrive.

Of course then V texts to see if I can find them a rental car so they can get around, go to a restaurant, etc. After all they have all day. They'll arrive in Santa Maria around noon.

Leaping into action with the best of intentions I get some guy with a thick accent at the Avis call center. Grrrr. I'm very good with accents, really I am, but this guy and the cell phone did not make for an understandable connection. Two calls later and a different person to talk to and I had an e-mailed confirmation of a mid-sized car at a good price.

I called Faith back to say thank you. She didn't know what to say. She didn't need to say anything. I heard her smile.

At least I now know they have a safe place to spend the night and get some shut-eye, if they can (!), before they all travel HOME on Saturday.


Lastly today, please hold a special place in your heart for CopperPom. Her son is quite ill and she and her family can use all the positive energy we can generate.

To Copper's Little Pom ~
I am sending you light, to heal you, to hold you
I am sending you light to hold you in love.


Carletta said...

What a beautiful photo - that sky is so blue!
Congrats to "V"!

Thanks for visiting my SW today.

Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful skywatch, and all the best to Miss V! xoxo, Mental Mama

Lilli & Nevada said...

Beautiful sky. my prayers are being sent.

Raven said...

Congrats to V! Good rescue. Brava. Beautiful sky shot!

Tonjia said...

well doesnt that sound just like the Air Force..... good grief.

I am glad V got a place to stay!!

beautiful SWF pic....

Debbie said...

Palm tree looks familiar LOL (wink)

Great shot and great job with the travel arrangements...whew! I've flown from Santa Maria to LA many many times on the puddle jumper!!

I'm glad so many wonderful people were there to help you!!