Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Can't I be Peter Pan?

When I was little I wanted to be Nancy Nurse, the Candy Striper from the Golden Book I loved. I nursed all my sick stuffed animals back to health and had some very fuzzy bandaids (and a few bald stuffed animals). I have an odd font of knowledge of medical stuff. Probably because my mom was a lab tech all my life!

Late in elementary school, being a teacher sounded dandy. In sixth and seventh grades I opted to go read stories to the 1st graders instead of recess or "Girls Shop" class. When I was 13 I started tutoring within my congregation, doing child care on sabbath mornings too. The Director and my supervising Teachers took me under their wings and taught me how to guide the students on my own. I was a natural... and I was hooked.

In high school I wanted to be a musician, a singer/teacher whiz-bang combo. So I sang! A lot. When I moved away from home I made an income singing.

I went to college for Early Childhood Ed with a minor in Children's Lit. I still sang. I still worked retail sales. The day of my wedding I got a job as the Director of a private Day Care Center, two credits before I graduated. I loved it. They loved me. Less than two years later the market changed because of Headstart openings and I was out of a job... in Tuba City, AZ. (Basically, nowheresville) *sigh*

I also worked retail through much of this, being everything from a clerk at a temporary Christmas Ornament shop, to an Assistant Manager at a leather goods and luggage store. Through all of it I have also taught in some capacity. From teacher's aide, to music assistant, to the teacher of a 1,2,3 split classroom, adult ed, advanced language, ESL, Archery instructor... I teach. Well, I taught.

I've been a floral designer, the Assistant Manager of a movie theater, a tour guide, the board member of a national organisation and have worn many more hats, too.

My most rewarding and challenging role has been only one: Mom

So now, as I close in on another cross roads, when both kids are out of the home, I am once again asking myself...

What do I want to be when I grow up?

Ok, I like by BFFs answer when he said he simply refused to grow up. On the other hand, he has an education, a professional position he finds satisfying and an income upon which he can live.

I want at least two out of three!


Shar said...

You definitely do NOT have to grow up! But we WILL help you on this journey :) HUGS!

Tonjia said...

I hope you figure this out Lea, because I sure cant.

I always wanted to be a school teacher and I ended up a Nurse! After emergency room nursing for almost 12 years I have resigned to the fact that I would rather work with animals. LOLOL

I have decided that I want my next profession to be RETIRED!

Debbie in NC said...

Oh I ask myself that at least once a month! I was a candy striper!! If I posted all the jobs I've had before AND after my AF retirement...oh my gosh! What a list. Gives us lots of experience!