Sunday, June 8, 2008

V Scenes

Countless times for countless hours having talks about everyone and anything under the sun, sharing laughs and tears and our heart's desires. Where?

Me on the computer chair and her on the floor. It's kind of her undeclared 'spot'. I'm looking at it now and thinking it needs special attention vacuuming, just for her, for us.

This pic that Lisa shared with me made me think of V in her spot. Thank you, Lisa.

Mother's Day.

I'm in Verizon dealing with her phone and contract because they can't do that at her store in CA. This is the phone that thought it was a cookie and dunked itself in milk, errr... a bucket of white paint.

So I'm telling her not to fret, that it'll be taken care of and in closing I asked her if there was anything else she needed. Her response? "You."

It was so unexpected that I thought I'd misheard. "What?"

"You, mom. I need you. Can you just put yourself in a box and mail you to me? Please?"

... and I'm bawling in front of the nice Verizon lady.

A text message a couple of days ago that said, "You made me cry. well, your blog did."

She'd read this all the way from the beginning up to yesterday and I think that, in context and scope, the amount that she's cherished by me came forward and was seen, clearly.

I'm not apologizing. Even on the difficult days, and heaven knows we've had a few, I am that much happier because she is my daughter.

Joshua. My incredible boy.

He's learning how to grill so that he can make great food and impress his sister when she comes home. So far? Incredible success!

My kids have been each other's best friend since the day he was born. I count my blessings and so does he. Every day. Both of us count V as much as I know she counts us.


Skidding sidelong into the post office to get V's birthday gift in the mail on time for Monday, the 9th. Whew! Made it!

It's been a challenge to make it affordable, packagable and personal but I'm satisfied with what's in the box. (Shhh! She's reading so I can't tell you more!)

The box has a cute address label on it so the nice man asks if this is a present. "Yep! It's for my daughter's birthday."

"How old is she going to be?"

"19. It's her first birthday away from home so it really needs to be in her hands on the DAY."

"No problem, ma'am. She's still mamma's baby, yeah? Still mamma's baby."

"Yeah. Thanks."

... and I'm bawling in front of the nice post office man.

Yesterday's post.

V adds a comment that says I should add "awesomest mom ever" to my list. Awwww! Thank you, my love. Being your mom is not a job. It's always been my honor. Thank you back, for being my kid.

It's 2 weeks and 4 days from V's tech school graduation. Thoughts and plans are beginning to gel for potential leave and/or recruiter's assistance time at home. I know we're ready!


Tonjia said...

Lea, you and V have the same relationship that Bre and I have. we have been closerthanthis all of her life. Sometimes the bond is so strong that it cannot be penetrated, even by physical separation.

we are blessed by having our girls, God knew what he was doing when he gave them to us.

2 weeks until graduation?? WoW that went by fast! maybe not so fast for you and her though. Will she be closer to home when she gets to her base assignment??

At least she will get to come home before moving, right?

hugs to you both.

Drew said...

Josh with grill? AHH!!! *runs screaming for fire extinguisher* hehehe...

I sent off V's package a few days ago. Still waiting to hear that she can come home. She is uberly miss-ed...

Debbie in NC said...

Lea, such a sweet and loving post today. I know you can't wait to get your arms around your girl!

Moms & Daughters have such a special bond :) So happy for you!

I'm heading over to V's blog right now to wish her a Happy Birthday!