Friday, August 15, 2008

Catching up

On Tuesday eve I got a call from the Director of the business to which I'd applied and been scheduled for an interview on the 20th (with someone other than the Director). He said he'd reviewed my resume and asked if I could come in the next day (Wednesday) because he'd like to speak with me regarding a different postion. Yikes!

I spent the rest of the evening and all the next morning frantically preparing for it, asking others I know who know people who know, researching the job title (I wasn't sent a description), and memorizing every fact and tidbit I could about the organization.

I have this motto: You're not prepared unless you're over-prepared. In my case, Insanely over-prepared, but knowledge is power. Right?

As I'm driving there the heavens open like a million massive water balloons had been popped. What a deluge! Being awfully early (over-prepped and an hour early, lol), I located the business so I could find it easily and pulled in to a store parking lot about a half mile away. Originally I had tried to review my notes but the rain was so loud I couldn't concentrate!

Then V called. We chatted about her and what was happening in her life. I told her I was waiting for an interview and she wished me good luck. I called Joshua too, just to touch base.

It did me a world of good to focus on my personal goals. Having both of my kids wish me good luck (and others too, thank you) just 'did it' for me. Now I could focus and relax. I have my priorities and goals and I am working to meet them. *breathe*

I really want a job that values me and my skills, gives me a stable schedule, to feel successful, enables me to take a vacation when I can (to relax, see the kids and the rest of the world), and to establish myself as something more than a mom and part time teacher.

I think it went very well, but it's anyone's guess until I hear something - hopefully later today. Eek!

If you believe in omens... try these:
  • It's the same exit off the freeway as my all-time-favorite pub: Dragonmead
  • I drove right past the beautiful brand new dealership for my favorite motorcycle: Triumph
  • I passed an intersection exactly 1 mile from the cemetery where my Dad is buried. Keep an eye on me, will ya' Dad?
  • 2 miles S of the business is a drive-through Starbucks. :)
  • The rain cleared entirely as I drove up to the business for the interview.
Let's hope these all work in my favor!

Yesterday's court appearance was... interesting.
I was the only witness. After sitting watching the court goings-on for a while, I was called out of the courtroom to speak with both of the lawyers, after which the charges lessened from Assault and Battery -to- Disorderly Conduct in a Public Place. He plead guilty so I didn't have to be called to the stand. Yipee!

In my opinion he didn't deserve A&B. If he did, it should have been for both parents, equally. Even the DC should really have been for both of them, but I don't have a say in that, so it was what it was and I was free to go. His sentencing is next month, so I think I'm done with this.

The rest of the day was my own, thank goodness. After the surprise job interview and court the next morning I was fried. One friend, one blanket and one hour basking in the sunshine and I was feeling pretty good. I stopped on the way home for upholstery pins for Joshua's room and a celebratory Slurpee.

Life is good.

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Tonjia said...

whew! glad you didnt have to testify. I would say good luck with the new job but I just read today (fridays) post and YOU GOT THE JOB!!!

WOO HOO!!! I am so happy for you!
I wish you nothing but the best and I am excited to hear all about your new job experiences.