Monday, August 25, 2008

Meet Seymour

He's Lean! He's Mean! He's Green!
He's an Eating Machine!
Meet J's new 'pet'...

Uncle S and I went to breakfast and then stopped at a garden store where we picked out the perfect one for J. I brought it home mid-afternoon.

Best laugh of the month? Yesterday Afternoon.
Seeing Joshua's face the first time Seymour's jaw-like petals CHOMPED an ant! (Petal on the left contains said ant.)

There's J, staring at Seymour, eyes bugged out, jaw agape, face 'stuck' in a silent scream... Wow, do I ever wish I'd've had my camera at the ready.

It's funny, but it's tough not to think of Joshua's new Venus Fly Trap, Seymour, as anything but a pet of sorts. "He" (yes, I just personified and engendered a plant) needs special water, special sunlight, and of course a specific sized live food too! Then we find out that he's becoming endangered in his natural habitat. So now he has our heartstrings too. How much more pet-like can he get?!

J named it after the Little Shop of Horrors plant, which we all know was named Audrey, of "Feed Me, Seymour!" fame. He felt that since this was a new one, he'd name it in honor of the flick's tragic hero. Sweet, huh?

And there you have it. Our newest family member.


Irisi said...

Venus Fly traps are endangered?

Oh, Seymore! ::swoons::

Lea said...

Yeppers. They grow in a small area of the Carolinas in boggy areas.

Indiscriminate plant hobbyists and sellers alike have dug them up to the brink of existence, instead of dividing the rhizhomes. Sad, but true.

Part of the purchase price of Joshua's was a donation to preserve native plants.

I'll tell him you swooned. He'll be impressed. ;)

Tonjia said...

seymour looks healthy! I predict the flies in the neighborhood will stay far away from your house! LOL