Wednesday, August 27, 2008

East Side West Side

All around the town... (sing along!)

I now work on the East Side of town and live on the West Side of town (divided clearly by I-75 which runs N/S from Florida, right up the middle of the Detroit area).

Remember when I interveiwed for my new job, I said that my father is resting about a mile from an intersection I pass twice a day? Well I took my afternoon off today and went from work to have lunch with dad and the relatives. After all, I owed my dad a 'thank you' for helping me get the job!

From there I drove even further East and spent some time on the shore of Lake St. Clair. What a glorious day it was to be at the lakeside in the sunshine! It almost felt like a little vacation.

When the time finally came, it didn't take that much longer to get home from the lakeshore than it did the office. Cool beans.


Michelle said...

Very Cool. Sounds like you are liking so far? Lets hear some more stories.

Shar said...

"Cool Beans". *Smirk* ;)