Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oops on their part!

While at Vandenberg, V did community service for Habitat for Humanity. She had a wonderful time with all the volunteers as they built, emptied trash and painted each room a different color. That was the day that V's phone decided that it was a cookie, and the big bucket of white paint was milk... DUNK! Oops on her part.

The phone, her lifeline to the world, was a total loss. Nothing could be done. Long story short, the nice people at the Vandenberg AFB Verizon store *helped* her into a new phone with a new contract - to the tune of $120/mo. Ouch!

V had this phone for all of 8 or 9 DAYS when she received the new phone she really wanted in the mail from me, already activated with her former number, on her/our plan for $14.99/mo. She returned the replacement phone and cancelled the contract immediately - something she had 30 days to do.

Fast forward to two weeks ago... Verizon bills her for almost $400 for continuing service (to the long-cancelled phone)! She calls and explains the situation. Two days ago a revised bill arrives... for $290. Oh, No They Didn't!! Well yes, they did.

So I call V and tell her to deal with it before it effects her credit rating. Next thing I know I get a text message from her asking me to send her the bill right away. It seems that her First Shirt (Commanding officer) wants to help settle this debacle once and for all. Evidently this isn't the first tangle with the Vandenberg base Verizon Office that his Airmen have had, and he's royally pissed off. I sent it via Priority Mail.

I want to be a fly on the wall when Verizon gets this guy on the line!
MAJOR Oops on thier part!
Go, CMSgt. D! This mom's behind you all the way. And Thanks.


Tonjia said...

YAY MSgt!!! someone needs to nail this Verizon store. taking advantage of these airmen is horrible...

Nelson said...

I hope he gets them good.
They are running a dirty game on these servicemen and women. Phone companies are pretty crooked.

Michelle said...

Its because it is a training base and most of the airmen there are transient and probably would not bother to fight it. What a supervisor. That is how they should be. Although I hope he has V there with him when he calls so that she can learn how to handle folks like this.