Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Again?

Well I had last Thursday off, but won't have another day off til Wednesday. Working over the weekends is getting to be more prevalent, and next weekend is a huge sale all day Sat/Sun. I know already that it's a goner for me. *sigh*

In good news, I have a job interview scheduled for the 20th. Professional, Mon thru Fri, 9-5, no weekends or evenings. Oh what I wouldn't do for that, eh? No more talk about that though. I can't afford to jinx anything!

On Friday evening, Joshua worked with the Police Explorers at the Troy Jamfest. He ended up dancing and swimming and had a blast.

What is JamFest?? Here's the skinny...
High school students looking for a good party with great music know to head to Summer JamFests on Friday nights at the Troy Family Aquatic Center. JamFests run from 8-11 p.m. and parents can feel secure sending their teens to this substance-free party sponsored by local police departments.

Admission is only $5. There’s swimming, sand volleyball contests, bands, disc jockeys, water basketball, jewelry making, and more. Admission includes a $3 voucher that teens receive toward concessions.

Cool, huh? I think so. I went out and had dinner and laughs with a big group of friends and then roasting marshmallows at a backyard campfire. J and I each had a really good night!

Saturday I worked and then went shopping with my BFF. He needed some electronics for his house, and I wanted to look at new phones since my "new every 2" is about to come up. In the end we ran into the best deal on a laptop computer that I'd seen in a long time. Hard drive, memory, video card, CD/RW, DVD, weight, screen size, everything just right. And it's a new generation/model too... for only $449. Wow!

I called V immediately, shared the specs and told her the price. She said yes, she could afford it. It took driving to another store to find one in stock, but we did and it's being shipped to her today. I think the rainbows and fabulous sunset skies we saw that evening were good omens. :)

Soon V'll be able to play music, upload pics from her camera and watch DVDs in her room, or go down to the day room in her dorm and use the free wireless to e-mail and IM her friends (and her mom *hint!*), update her blog, do her banking, etc. Not that she has a lot of time to do those things, she doesn't, but it increases the odds! LoL

J worked a little more on getting his room clean and ready for painting. He and I have been sharing ideas and having fun "designing". Lots of progress has been made. Thanks go to his friend Ryan who's helped, but most of it is just Joshua maturing and not hanging on to the toys and games of his younger years. It's admittedly bittersweet for me.

Worked again on Sunday. I am so sick of washing windows and mirrors, vacuuming, dusting and cleaning this store. grrrr If it's not that at opening, it's the major lifting, carrying and cleaning of closing. Really, I like the middle bit the best - waiting on customers and selling. Such is life, but hopefully only for now.

I'm off to get Joshua - my shaggy one - a hair cut. He had a job interview recently and the guy told him that if he got the job he'd need to tidy up his hair. (Thank you interview guy!) Then it's off to work for me later this afternoon. Joy of Joys.

That's all the news that fit to print from here. Make it a good one, will ya?


Tonjia said...

dont you just love good computer finds??

congrats to V on her new laptop.

That teenage get together sounds like a blast, I wish they had something like that when Bre was in high school.

dont work too hard!

Michelle said...

Hey for V! Maybe now we can see something besides toes.