Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quick Pics

My budding photographer sent samples to share with y'all!

This is the candle holder that V got at the Airman's Attic the day she worked there last week. It reminds her of Mooch, here in MI.

Because it is clear glass she had a tough time getting a pic in the daylight. Solution? Take the picture in the evening with a tealight glowing softly in it and... Voila! Beautiful. I love the reflection in her dresser top too.

This is the dragonfly V found perched happily on the ceiling of her dorm's kitchen. She says it was black with blue and yellow stripes, which is cool I'm sure. I'm just as happy that the picture turned out rather black and white-looking. The contrast is striking!

Stay tuned for SkyWatch Friday... coming soon!

1 comment:

Tonjia said...

weird bug... very weird. is she near a body of water?