Thursday, August 14, 2008

She Lives!

I haven't forgotten about you, Dear Reader. Life has taken a bit of a left turn and I'm doing my best to keep up in light of the excitement.

Bits for now:
V called and says she is going to be MHT because there's a Sergeant she thinks is terrific who wants her on his team - big time.
I sent her a package that included a Brita Water Pitcher and many other things (I sent a moving box full of stuff!) She was MOST excited about the water pitcher... and the DumDum sucker! LoL
The job interview I have on the 20th got moved... to yesterday.
This morning I am off to testify at the court house.

More soon!


Tonjia said...

OK what is MHT?? it sounds impressive and If the Sgt wants her then it shall be!

congrats to V!

I hope your court appearance went ok.

Lea said...

I had to ask V this morning... It's "Missile Handling Technician" (MHT)

She seems happy about it, in part because she gets to work on a team with Sgt. R., who was one of her fave instructors at Vandenberg.

Thanks for asking!
Hugs to you and the family,