Sunday, August 3, 2008

REALLY Done! *Updated*

The new garden is done and I am content (for the time being! LoL)

This morning Joshua and I added two more "melting fire" Coral Bells and a small pink chrysanthemum. In time this plot should be burgeoning with blossoms that the bees and butterflys will love. The bird feeders are back up here too, making our goldfinches very happy.

Last night as J and I wrapped up the gardening to go bike riding, we brought in a small sprig of the Catmint (aka: Catnip) for Mooch. Oh, he was one happy kitty camper! =^..^=

The sale today was on a darker mulch so it doesn't match yesterday's. But how could I turn down 4 bags for $8.88? I couldn't. For aesthetic's sake, probably tomorrow morning when it cools down, I'll put a thin layer of the new, darker mulch down and all will be well. Ta-Da!

As for the remaining 3.5 bags of mulch... The back garden didn't get weeded enough or freshly mulched this season, so I have my work cut out for me. Just NOT on a day as hot as this one! And, I'm working 5-10 tonight, so exhausting myself in the heat isn't in the cards.

Off for another glass of water. Enjoy the day ~ wherever you are.

*** UPDATE! 8/4/08 11:27am ***

The rest of the mulch is in. Everything's doing fine - the rhubarb even has a new leaf this morning(!) and we're finally expecting some rain later today. Judging from the humidity I'm thinking it'll come sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile... Here's the updated pic (pardon my kneeling pad in the background).

Thanks to my sister Karen for the rain chime. It's been waiting two years now, I think, in different spots, waiting for the right one. Pretty sure it's home now.

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Deb Estep said...

Nice job Lea !

Michigan, like Northern Ohio has such a short growing season you have to enjoy it while you can.

I keep thinking I need to invest in some perennials for my yard to color up the place. :)

xo xo