Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend ReCap

Friday eve was a little celebration of my new job. My fave brew: "Under the Kilt Wee Heavy" is back at Dragonmead and I tipped a pint. Joshua taught us how to play some version of poker - Texas Hold 'em? I dunno. I'm so not a card person.

Got a slow start yesterday after a pretty emotional day and a nearly sleepless night. So much on my mind I thought my ears would pop from the pressure. I worked from noon-5 at our store sale. What a crazy event. We did $1000 in 30 min. Yeah, it was like that. After that I headed back to Woodward Ave. hoping to catch up with Joshua and his buddies. That never did happen, but I get a couple of cute pics...
You can't see it, but this deck set up, complete with BBQ, covered picnic table, open deck with benches, tiki torches and a 4 person hot tub.... Is all on a truck trailer!!! Can you see the people in the hot tub? Ok, maybe you don't really want to see them, but it's neat that they're there. Is this cool or what?!
And this is the classic car hug I saw right in front of me. All together now... "awwwwww!" It reminds me so much of those "Love Is..." cartoons from the 70's

I'm off to see my gf Vicki to cover my greys. I think I grew 50 more in the past couple days alone. Ciao for now!


Tonjia said...

fun day! WOO HOO! why are all of those things on a flat bed trailer? was it a display or something?

Shar said...

Awww... a classic "hug car". Seriously? That's great.

Michelle said...

Whats stressin ya? Love the "car hug" shot. Too bad you don't know them or you could send a copy to them. I know if it was me I would love to have that picture.

So you still have not told us what this new job is about. Whats the scoop?