Monday, May 26, 2008

7 Pennies Later

Fair warning: This is going to be a more-than-one-entry kind of day.

Ok, the truth is out. I collect squished pennies from everywhere I go that has squished penny machines. The trip to Chicago was no exception! L to R: Chicago Skyline, Rainforest Cafe Chicago, Chicago Cubs, 2 from Navy Pier, Museum of Science and Industry and U-505 Submarine.

Here is the FABULOUS group of kids and their talented director, posing in front of the big purple "Barney Bus".

Saturday, after warm ups and performing for the judges, it was a quick change of clothes and off to Six Flags Great America for the day. Here's Marvin the Martian in a very lame theme park parade...Awards were given out at a ceremony in the park. Yes, we came home with a trophy!

Sunday found us at the Field Museum seeing SUE, among other things. Now that was very cool.

We hopped over to the Navy Pier for lunch and shopping and then reboarded the bus for our last windy city stop, the Museum of Science and Industry.

One highlight there, for me, was seeing the U-505 Submarine. Really... the WHOLE THING!

All in all, as a chaperone, it was an enjoyable experience.

Stay tuned for "the story inside the story" and... more.


Drew said...

You're going on our exact trip! My family went to Chicago over Christmas break, and we saw the same production of Wicked, hit the Museum of Science and Industry...can't wait for the next installment to see what else matches up.

And you say the choir came out of the competition with a trophy. For what place? Or was it like choral fest, where they get a 1 or a 2?

Lea said...

The trophy was for an "Excellent" rating. We came in second in our class with very good comments.

OMG, was that production of Wicked not the most amazing thing ever!?!?


And Drew,
I cried right through "For Good". Just the first few notes sent my mind reeling back to the duet with you and V at Graduation. Openly bawling, tears streaming down my face. Gods I miss my girl, but thank you for being a part of such a wonderful memory.

Love ya,

Debbie in NC said...

53 years old and have never found a squashed penny...plenty of pennies, but they were not squashed. I must be doing something wrong LOL! Sounds like the trip was a success :)

I'll be back for more LOL

Tonjia said...

Lea, tell Debbie where to find those penny squashing machines! LOLOL

Congrats to the kids on the trophy, any trophy is a good trophy...

I am glad you enjoyed Wicked, I have always wanted to see it.

Go Navy!!! ;-) Had to insert that in there I hear the Navy Pier is awesome.

Drew said...

I was thrilled to have that duet, and I'm so happy I could be a part of your memory. I remember after seeing the show, that everyone in my family (minus patrick) mentioned that day first.