Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The FitFlop Test and 1, 2, 3...

So I stuck to my word and wore my new FitFlops twice yesterday. Both times were hours long so if this were a real test I would say I got a good 'sample'.

Once out of the house I wore them to lunch and then to the library where I helped a friend study for an upcoming certification exam. This was not at all in my field of expertise but, after being a teacher for some 31 years, I do know a few very effective study techniques!

While at the library Avivah called! She sounded upbeat and ... healthy! We chatted about her new digital camera and the strikingly beautiful birds in California and one bird in particular out her window that was definitely trying to eat a piece of paper. LoL

Then we discussed the 32 wheel 60' long truck she's being taught to drive... backwards too! My kid?! Whoa. The ribbon grass at the end of my driveway shudders in fear, but I have faith that when it really counts, like backing up and lining up with a missle silo, she'll do just fine. She told me all about starting up the truck and diverting power to the hydraulic lift so that her instructor could retrieve his lost pen, of all things. She really does <3 her job.

So, study session complete I came home to rest up for the evening and take the FitFlops off for a while. It's still Spring and I know my feet are still adjusting to having shoe parts between my toes. That's probably the biggest part of the sore little muscles in my feet and one of the biggest reasons flip-flops aren't a very healthy shoe choice for long term wear.

What you do to hold plain flip-flops on is to grip with your toes. Do that too much and you can end up with plantar faciitis (a tight and very painful plantar ligament) or permanent hammer-toes, also a painful and debilitating condition.

Never you worry... FitFlops wrap high around your foot supporting a natural gait and fit more shoe-like than flip-flops. Still the weight of the shoe and the newness of the style (Spring) means sore toes for a bit.

Waking at 8:15pm, I was off for 5+ hours of store inventory. Oh joy, Oh rapture. Oh rapture, Oh bliss. Or not.

Now if you remember back, I told you that the store's cooling system had failed and that we were at the mercy of the outdoor temperature to regulate the indoor temp as well. Of course this was after hours, so no door opening was possible. Poo. Yes, they had a heating and cooling person out and he tweaked and prodded and he now knows what the problem is. Big Whoop! He didn't FIX IT! So on top of a late long night ahead, the store was very warm. Ick.

I put my things away and started in. The job of the 5 of us store employees who worked last night was to count behind an outside inventory company. The company brought 12 people, each with little hand held computerized scanners to grab all the sku numbers/size/price point/count. The 5 of us followed behind them counting pieces and verifying the count.

You would think that a company that does nothing but supply people who count things would hire people who knew how to count?! Oui??? But non, dear reader. We started in the stock room. I pulled out a bin of nylons to verify the count ~ Lo and behold she says there were 50 pieces in the bin. I already knew we were in trouble ~ there were easily 100 or more. Turns out there were 112. I counted and counted again, then called "Recount!".

Now when you call for a 'recount' here's what happens: You have another store employee verify my count and agree. Then you flag the bin, take down the bin number and tell their supervisor to recount it and confirm our count so it goes in to the inventory computers accurately.
Oy! What a process!

After 5 bins like this in a row... Houston, we have a problem.

All of the bins I was attempting to verify were counted by the same inventory company person. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!? We were wasting our time triple and quadruple counting because a dunderhead ~ whose job it is to count things ~ can't count! Sheesh.

After those 5 bins were squared away the young lady in question got moved to the floor to supposedly easier counts (bins are confusing to count).

To where do they move this counting whiz??? To MY department ~ Jewerly! All those little pieces on different level bars and you guessed it... Recount!

After one more section they sent her home for the night. I hope she slept fitfully and is able to return to her job at some point in the future (just not at my store).

And oh yeah! Though my feet were tired and my back ached from standing counting little things on tables and bins on the floor... My feet felt fine!

As 2am rolled around my whole body was tired, so no fault of the shoes there. So far so FitFlop!

I slept in this morning and am heading out to do some weeding before work this afternoon. It's a glorious day out there. Hopefully, if he's not busy, this evening I'll have dinner with my BFF. Some day I have to find time to grocery shop!


Debbie in NC said...

Inventory Management Specialist was my Air Force career field! LOL

Those guys you're talking about get like $7 an hour.

Yeah, I know my inventory! I'm glad your loving the Flops...You should get paid for advertising!

Have fun outside! :) and glad V is a happy trucker!

Michelle said...

I used to hate inventory. At the packaging company I worked at we all had to come in for 1 Saturday in March, every year, to do Inventory. We had to count EVERY cardboard box we carried, every roll of tape, every piece of bubble wrap, you get the idea. Glad to hear that V is doing better. I hope that cards and letters from some AF Moms helped! I always loved driving the Army big trucks. After working in an office all the time getting out and getting dirty was always fun. Hope everything else is going good.

Tonjia said...

Ewwww I remember inventory. I used to work for a home center, one time we had inventory and the boss bought the beer.

We had to do the inventory over. LOL

I have got to check out these fitflops. Do they have them in the store?

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?