Saturday, May 10, 2008

Newsy Bits

The week that started with an overnight at work (9a-2p) and felt like it would never be over, has ended. And not a minute too soon. I know it's only a couple of days worth of 'bits', but this may be long!

Thursday night I took Joshua to Police Explorers to shoot Police Issue Gloks. He'd passed his training a couple weeks ago so he was all set for this. Talk about a happy camper! We'll find out how he did at the banquet on Thursday evening.

That evening's book signing went well. 16ish people showed up and spent time chattering, drinking coffee concoctions, buying books and getting them signed by the author (who blushed as she signed each one. Talk about adorable!).

Yesterday (Friday) after my work and his school I took Joshua around to see who was hiring and get applications for a job. On top of taking a summer class and attending Special Days Camp for a week, he needs to be working this summer (and throughout the school year) to support the movie-going, gym and text messaging habits he has. :) He picked up two paper applications and has two or three more to do on-line. Wish him luck.

For the past week, on my off hours, I've been helping my friend Mark study for his Project Management certification exam. I'd think of an interesting project and he'd go through his whole process while I asked questions and threw in monkey wrenches that made him think through changes and made him laugh too. Like any good teacher, and just as he did in helping Avivah study for the math section of her ASVAB, hard work and good fun made studying easier. Last night's news? He Passed!

Yesterday while at work I met our District Manager for the first time. She's a very knit-picky woman who is not afraid to tell it like it is. We all know just how anal-retentive she can be too. And me with almost no make-up on, yikes. So while talking with her she starts asking me more questions about how I relate to other managers, customers, what it is in particular I like about working there, if I've gotten positive performance reviews and feedback... that type of thing. Then she showed her 'hand'. "Have you ever thought about being trained as a Manager?" Eeek! But "Yes, yes I have." It turned into an unexpected job interview. She sent me with her card to think about it for a day or two and call her.

I'm thinking.

Yesterday mid-evening I spoke with V who said that there's still no response/answer from the medical center about getting a Dr. to look at her knee. There aren't a lot of slots for appointments to begin with. Add to that that she's a Tech School student (less appts) and that she's an MMT and can't have an appointment until 1430 or later because they cannot miss class, and you have a pretty frustrating situation. Oh - and pile on that her MTL decided to pull what I now call an "AF Special" on her and her roommate and phased them back to Ph. I for 2 weeks. I swear it's just to see how they respond to stress. The reasons given were so lame they couldn't possibly be the reason by any stretch of the imagination. So she has to deal with that. *sigh* Good news is that now V seems to be taking it in stride, which wasn't the case when I spoke to her when it first happened. Good for V!

For the first time in 31 years I am not working mandatory Sundays (Sunday school teacher, duh) AND for the first time since I've been a mother, I have Mother's Day off. For Real! There had to be SOME benefit to working retail, right?! My luck it'll rain and I won't be able to garden, but I'll have the day to see my mom (if she's around) and to relax. Huzzah!

Speaking of Mother's Day: My girlfriend Deedra shared with me the most lovely note about mothers I think I've ever been sent. Thank you, my friend, for the blessing you bestow upon me by being a part of my life.

Last evening, as the running of the week finally slowed down, I came home to find Tim and Avivah on the phone chattering away. I sat down and polished my nails.

Happy Saturday!

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Debbie in NC said...

I'm thinking Manager would require lots more hours? But congratulations on the great meet with the lady!

Ah...this all is just preparing V for life in the AF. Different crap different day...I remember so well. She might as well get used to it now...bad news about Doc she in PAIN?

I'm glad you have Mother's Day off...David has to work, but we'll do dinner afterwards :) I hope you see your Mom and have a great day!