Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sighs and Awwws

Some days you're the bug, other days you're the windshield...

Last night I forgot that I had made dinner plans with my friend Stefani. I was asked to work late and just barely squeeked in the door to pick up my car and drop off the rented Caliber before both offices closed and it just plumb slipped my mind entirely. Grrrr.

This morning I went out to check over my garden to find that my adored baby gingko tree (in its second spring with me now) got bitten by the late frost we had two days ago. My research says that it will be ok later in the season, but it doesn't help my crestfallen heart that delights in seeing its little mini leaves grow into the most stunning fans that I enjoy.

Avivah and I text-talked last night during her CQ shift (like night watch she has to monitor who signs in and out of the building) and she's sick.

This is the first time she's been sick far away from me. She has a sore throat that hurts when she swallows, swollen glands, sore joints, a fever, extreme fatigue and mild nausea. I think she's got a virus on top of exhaustion. Poor baby. She will almost undoubtedly drop out of todays hike/climb/swim in favor of sleeping as much as possible.

I told her to push fluids, esp tea and OJ and to take Advil/Tylenol when she needs to. I asked her to please get a strep screen asap. She can't get to a Dr. until Monday. What else can I do? I'm here, she's there. Dang, this is hard.

Yanno, I saw a news bite on horoscopes that said certain astrological signs were in for a chaotic period of time now and it mentioned mine (Scorpio) in particular! Me?! Why me?! I never read the story, just the headline but ~ Sheesh!!

So along with Avivah and me, if you are so inclined, please send love and light to these wonderful people today... AF mom Lolly, Sharon, Sister Nancy, Marta and her roommate, AF mom Corinne, AF dad John, AF mom Hallie, AF mom Deb, Lakshimi and her grandsons, Jeremy, Dana, Vinny, Sheila, Lynne, Aryehn, Rodney, those who serve our country and are about to deploy to parts unknown or who are aready there, those who are far from home, and their parents... and to the spirits of Cora Anderson and furbaby Luna who each passed over recently. May their memories serve for a blessing.

Special love and light goes out to a new friend! Rowan Gee Yeung Ing was welcomed into this world on Monday Apr 21st 2008, to parents Nelson and Beata. Nels has been a friend of mine for several years. He is a dear soul and wicked drummer! Congrats to the new family!

Child, we welcome you to the right and joyful hour of your birth.
Gladly, we welcome you to the circle of the children of the earth.
May it be a dance. May it be a song.
May the days of your life be bright and long
On the good green earth.

Ok everyone... say "awwww!"


Tonjia said...

Awww it is! what an adorable little munchkin! I am behind in reading my blogs (work happens, I guess) but I just found out that V is sick! I hope she feels better soon, dont forget that old Air Force healing duo....

Advil and hydration! LOLOL

Anonymous said...

thank you so much leah. i think of you & viva so much. you're in my prayers, as always.

i'm so sorry i haven't been able to keep up with your blog enough, summer classes are kicking my butt super, SUPER hard, and i'm really stressed. that & spring classes didn't go as well as planned.

but i miss you both so much, and you can count on me being in beverley hills when she gets home to see you both!!!

love, nancy

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the compliments and posting our joyous news.
More pics soon.

Miss you and much Hugs