Monday, May 12, 2008

Green thumbs and a big truck

Well, I was right. It rained ALL of Mother's Day here. LoL
No worries though. Tim, Joshua and I spent 5 glorious hours together in the garden... on Saturday!

Tim and I picked up four bags of mulch ~ making a dent in the 12-15 bags I think we'll need ~ a gallon of weed killer and a flat of coleus in the coolest flame-like colors. Grabbed a dozen bagels, called Joshua to 'be ready!' and we were home bound. Unloaded the car, ate brekkie and out we went!

Joshua took on the job of cutting down the invasive parasite buckthorn we have all over the place. He actually needed my new Bear Saw to do some of it! Through a tube, so as not to damage the surrounding plants, he sprayed killer on the stumps. He did the same with some HUGE weeds that had taken hold throughout the yard, wood pile and gardens. He's our (don your Schwartzenagger accents, people!) "Exterminator".

Tim and I focused on weeding the "back strip" ~ a high section in the back corner that we've kind of made separate from the rest of the yard. That project started 6 years ago when we borrowed a roto-tiller and created a berm to plant. Next we built a trellis for an entry way. Ever since then we've been adding plants, trees and borders to section it off more definitively. And boy, had the grass come in and the weeds tried to take hold.
Tim and Joshua also did the he-man work of moving our heavy cedar swing out of the encroaching woods and into the clearing. It looks nice.

I know it's early in the Spring in Michigan, so it doesn't look very filled in yet, but here are a couple pictures of our day's work:

The boys are giving me a storage bench for the patio for Mother's Day ~ which I will love and we will all use ~ but 5 hours of gardening with them was a wonderful gift. Thanks guys!

Around front... My pink lilly of the valleys are blooming!

In other news... Avivah updated her blog! This time with pictures from her new digital camera. Not many of them have her in them, (she's behind the camera for the most part, duh) but I snitched two because she looks soooo petite in that HUGE truck! Go check them all out for yourself.

If ya hadn't guessed yet... This young woman totally rocks my world.


Might be away for a couple of days, but you know I'll be back.

Now... is that a promise or a threat?!


Debbie in NC said...

Your yard looks great! Hard work but fun and great you had such a good helper :)

I saw ALL of V's pictures, but didn't know squat about most. I loved that she was able to get to the beach :)

Not too many gals in the class huh?

Michelle said...

I wish I had that much green in my yard. Your grass looks so soft and inviting. The grass here in Florida is hard and there are bugs in it.

I caught up on Vs blog last night. Only 2 girls in the class?

Lea said...

2 in the class is a big deal!

There are only 5 or 6 active duty female MMTs in USAF!

Tonjia said...

Lea, your yard is beautiful! You worked too hard on mothers day though. LOL

I spent quite a while looking at V's blog pics last night, she does look tiny up inside of that truck!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love the pics...and she does look tiny!

Maybe I should get my butt into a big bad truck like that - will it make me look tiny too?