Friday, May 2, 2008

Mama's lil' hearse goes Vroom!

I hadn't mentioned that for the past three weeks I have been driving a rental car because my car has been in the shop on a repair and a recall.

So finally, as much as it's been fun driving this brand new, cute, red Dodge Caliber, whose driver's side door sounds like a pop can being squished when I close it... MY car should be ready later today!

Yes ladies and gents, my beloved black PT Cruiser GT Turbo will be back on the road today!

No more laborious acceleration! No more dirty fingerprinted roof liner! No more bumping my head nearly every time I get in it! No more getting out of my car to open or close the garage door!

Despite having the largest turning radius of any car on the market, which is a pain in the butt, I love driving my PT. It's easy to enter and exit. It's comfortable to sit in. It's flexible seating and cargo capabilities, not to mention the table you can create in the tailgate, is just perfect for me who loves to garden and go to yard sales.

I do really regret that it's on a lease though. That's the one thing that stops me cold when it comes to one of my deepest loves... road tripping! Ok, that and the high cost of gas lately. Poo. Oh how I'd love to just go to Ohio to meet Deb and see Lilly, or DC to visit my sister and nephew and Sharon and Chava, or N. Carolina to see David and Wendy, or Rochester, New York to see Carolyn, NY city to see Shai and always wherever Avivah is.... yeah. That's the one regret. That and not being wealthy enough that I can afford the gas and time off! LoL

Ok, I'll admit there is ONE thing that I'll miss about driving this head bumping glorified pop can... It has Sirius Satellite Radio! I have grown to adore my favorite channel ~ Sirius Disorder 70. They have NO format. Truly. I can hear everything from opera to folk to jazz to techno and anything possibe in between. I love it all.

So other than 4 new tires for the PT, which it needs, what I really want that will satisfy my aural needs completely (you thought a dirty thought just now, I know you did!) would be Sirius Satellite Radio in my car... for Mother's Day?

Ok, I can dream!
In other news, Avivah called me yesterday morning! She sounded good but tired. Ok we'll give her the tired sound - she had just finished running a 5k! I couldn't talk long because I was at work, but gosh it was good to hear her voice. Things continue to be difficult there on many levels but she is doing ok and is very very busy. Yes, she needs the encouragement from her friends and family (AF family too!).
That's all the news that's fit to print for today. I'm off to work.

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