Monday, May 19, 2008

Berry Red

Wow, what a dull weekend.

I worked Friday and Saturday and both days were truly as unexciting as they get.

I did get to go to dinner with my BFF on Friday and we gabbed for a long time, which was wonderful.

Saturday evening both Tim and Joshua bugged out for some time with their friends. I wish I could say I slept well but that didn't happen.

Sunday morning saw J off in uniform to a Troy Police Explorer function. He directed traffic for an event. He had fun and he gets Police Duty service hours. Plus they fed him. So other than a teenager waking up early on a chilly spring weekend, the event was just about perfect for him. LoL

I'm off work today so, unexpectedly, I can make it to the HS Choir rehearsal this afternoon. I did the shopping and T and I are hosting munchies for this afternoon's performance tour choir rehearsal. My pruny fingers just finished washing 6 pounds of the most gorgeous strawberries. I also got cookies and bottled water.

We (23 students a few chaperones and the director) leave this Friday for a 3 day trip to Chicago. T directs the group, Joshua sings tenor and is co-section leader and I'm chaperoning. My girlfriend Vicki has a very important role too. She's Mooch-sitting! The choir will be participating in a performance and competition and we'll also have a little bit of time to see the city and an amusement park. Biggest highlight? We're seeing WICKED at the theatre! I can't wait.

I spoke to V last night. She had a tiring and very fulfilling weekend doing community service at local fairs. Saturday found her working with horses and other animals... and a zebra! Sunday she was running games out in the California sunshine.

Last night's call? "Mom, I am SO SUNBURNED!"

I'm betting she looks as red as one of the strawberries in the pic above!

I gave her all the good advice about hydrating like mad and staying out of more sun, keeping her clothing light and cotton, looking for aloe plants or gel to put on it, cool compresses, etc, but of course she has to be in uniform today and probably in a harness to go down a silo too ~ so I'm not sure she won't just be a writhing mass of "Owie!" no matter what I say, or she does. Live and learn, eh?

Hope y'all are enjoying your day!


Tonjia said...

awww that California sunshine is the best!

Those strawberries look yummy, now I want some!

glad to hear all is well Lea..

Debbie in NC said...


What's so wonderful is there's no humidity in CA so she doesn't sweat as much :)

Your trip to Chicago sounds wonderful and I hope you have a great weekend!