Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dreams, drains, books and more

Wow, I just had a night filled with weird dreams!

I dreamed that Avivah came home for a day (I don't remember her arriving, she was just here) and knowing that she had to be back at Vandenberg by the next morning (0530). She didn't seem to have a return ticket (not that I knew she flew here) so her brother and I drove her to the airport to check out the flights and get on one. She could make it from DTW to LAX by 11:30pm - LA time, but didn't think about getting to Santa Barbara. And she didn't seem worried about it at all. Meanwhile I was freaking out about her being AWOL!

After her flight to LA took off I went around the corner and got a ticket to go see her in June (all my thoughts were on June 17 & 18 ~ she should graduate on the 25th. WTH?!). I was happy that my ticket - routed all the way through to Santa Barbara - was only $36. LOL ~~~ I wish!!

Later I dreamed something about sleeping really fitfully in my mom's bed in our old house and worrying about nothing else other than my alarm clock was in another room. I assumed Tim and J would wake me or someone would call me and I'd hear my phone and drifted contentedly off. I actually woke this morning thinking I was still there.

Like I said ~ WEIRD dreams!

In other happenings ~ since I can't call my dreams 'news'...
I talked to V who said she had a relatively easy day yesterday so she was ok. She has a Drs appt set up for later today.

She plans on having the knee in much better shape soon as she and a wingman have signed up to work a kids fair on the 17th and she's really looking forward to it. All I know is that they're helping with horses. I like the fact that she has a date by which the knee needs to be under control.

Here in MI, the Oakland County Drain Comission has made a mess of the land at the end of my driveway. They're replacing the drain cover support with these big cement rings, raising and leveling them I think. In the meantime there is a big backhoe parked at the end of my driveway. Fun fun.

Today holds more studying assistance and later this evening a book signing and author's meet & greet at Caribou Coffee in downtown Royal Oak. It's an event that I helped organize and advertise with my dear friend Stefani (the author) and another friend.

Now I just hope people attend! If nothing else, I get to have coffee with a couple of my favorite people so life is good.

Those 'needing love and light' today are those parents from my list whose children are deploying very soon, and their Airmen of course. There seem to be a lot of them lately and the whole list is reeling with prayers and support for these dear families. There seem to be a few very nice homecomings too! Yay! Also on the list is AF dad John who is home recovering, John's son Airman Shmoops who is going through a rough time, AF moms Hallie, Lolly and Corinne, my co-worker Sandra, to Avivah, and to my dearest friend Sharon whose recent mysterious health issues have taken a very serious downturn. I send you all thoughts of divine light wrapping around you, holding you safely and in renewed health.

And now I am ready for my morning cuppa joe. Enjoy your day my friends. Mine's kicking into full gear!


Debbie in NC said...

You typed all that before coffee? Sounds like you have a busy day...should be tired from all that dreaming!

My prayer list is getting so long I have to spread it out over the day! Seems like a lot of activity lately :(

Glad V is feeling better and hopefully Doc appt goes well :)

Shar said...

I love you.