Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Roller Coaster Continues

Meh, things here are pretty dull... in comparison...

I got a call from Avivah early in the day but couldn't talk because I was at work. The reason for her call?

"Hey mom. You remember back when I started BMT and that first phone call when I told you how scared I was of my TI?"

"Yeah, all the other AF Moms and Dads told me that lots of first calls are that bad and not to worry; that they have awful scare tactics to freak the trainees out. Why?"

(V laughing) "I was dead serious! My TI, who I said broke someone's foot and threw desks, etc... was found guilty/responsible and is no longer a TI! She may not even be AF for much longer."

"Oh holy wow. You really weren't just hearing stories - they were true. Dang I'm glad you behaved yourself!"

"No kidding!" (and I had to go)

So that was that. Ssgt. DLA is no longer an MTI at BMT. Funny thing is, V had come to respect her tremendously. Then again, fear is not really respect.

Later in the day, during dinner in fact, Avivah called again. This time it wasn't just information to impart, she needed her mommy.

While running yesterday her MTL (same as an MTI but in Tech School) was calling cadence behind her and her right knee gave out. She said it "slipped". He's ordered her to the medical facility today to have it evaluated. Meanwhile it hurts a lot and is tender and swollen.

She's completely freaked out and worried, which of course freaked and worried me too. I did my best to be the calming/loving/tough mom she needed me to be. She is terrified of Drs. and has known others who have had this happen only to face knee surgery (major freak out). Of course she is worried that this will delay her completion and graduation from Tech school. (major worries)

I gave her advice about Advil, ice, elevation, rest, nutrition and sleep. If nothing else it will help her coping mechanisms as she sees this injury through to healing.

I'm going to call her during class today and sing her voicemail one of favorite calming chants:

Everything will be all right
Day is day and follows night
Everything will be all right
Darkness flows into the light

So the roller coaster continues, and lately all I really want is to hug my girl in my arms again. Been too long.

Please add V to your prayers today. Maybe pop her a card or letter? I'll keep you all posted with anything I hear.



Tonjia said...

Avivah! Girl, get some ice on that knee and get some rest. We all know about advil and ice. *wink* *wink*.

I hope she gets this checked out before it becomes a real problem. When will she get to come home on leave?

Avivah said...

IF I get my RAP cleared to go, then I'll get to be home for two weeks(10 work days and one weekend) at the tail end of june and very beginning of July....I I can get those papers cleared....and fine a way home from here...and find a way from here to Minot....

Lea said...

Save your pennies, lady! The flights home and to Minot are partly your expense and partly the AF's. There's someone on base who can explain what your costs are and what the AF will pay for.
Check it out - we're planning on having you home! :)

Signed: Need V Hugs!