Sunday, May 18, 2008

Quirky Garden and "Blog Home!"

Yesterday morning before work I planted 25 coleus in a very cool color... or... bunch of colors. This morning they seem to be doing well. Yay.

Aside from having a rather odd-looking and currently occupied bird house (pic to come, promise) in the back garden I also have the most unique weather vane. Yes, I have a weather vane "planted" in my garden. Ok, I'm big into whimsy! LoL

When we moved into our house this lovely pooch, with its missing directions, graced the cupola on the garage roof. It was soon replaced with a new weather vane, sans pooch but with the needed additions of E and S. Suddenly I had no idea what to do with our retired puppy. I didn't have the heart to trash him. That seemed cruel!

Uncle Steve to the rescue! (About 5 years ago) He found a way to anchor the new garden ornament securely into the earth and it's been there ever since. Rain, snow or shine, I smile just seeing it there.

Yes Hallie, I have a weiner dog in my garden.


In other news: V has a new phone. I know this because I was a part of the whole "V's new phone" debacle. I'll let her tell the whole story as I'm positive it's infinitely more interesting in her own words, but I got the honor of briefly blogging for her today. Feel free to check it out.


Tonjia said...

You have a Doxie in your garden!! how very cool!! I'll bet he isnt as spoiled as the doxie that I have in my living room. LOL

Have a great day Lea. I am headed over to V's blog.

Debbie in NC said...

ROFL...You guys and your weiner dogs! When I get settled and get a JOB duh...I may just get ME one :)