Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Loving Tribute *sniff!*

Ok, I was blog-popping just now and came across the sweetest thing ever. Tonjia's daughter Breanna made her mom and step-dad a tribute video complete with her singing "That's The Way It Is", set to pics of Tonjia and Dana. You just gotta see it.

It's not my kid... and I'm in tears!

You rock, Bre!


Avivah said...

Dude you didn't tell me Bre went Navy!

Tonjia said...

awwwww thanks so much Lea, she slipped that one in on us. LOL

V, she is joining the Navy!! just waiting on the USAF to send her records to the USN recruiter!

Lea said...

hey V - Bre's going Navy!

I THOUGHT i had told ya - sorry