Thursday, May 1, 2008

Back Tracking

Made it through yesterday ok. My lunch plans went just perfectly. I stopped at Chernin's for "cheap shoe therapy" and one of my favorite customers came in the store last night ~ so that brightened my evening tremendously. (Hi Marcia!)

All that combined with good drugs and I don't feel too horrible today.

With work and feeling poorly yesterday morning I never caught everyone up on Tuesday evening...

I got home from work around 5:30, scooped Joshua up to grab some dinner and we went to see Tim sing in a concert celebrating the 60th anniversary of the state of Israel at Congregation Shaarey Tzedek. In the back of my mind I was thinking ho-hum. Not so!

This concert featured their Cantor, Meir Finklestein who is young and extremely talented, not to mention he has one helluva voice! There were also three other cantors, one of whom I knew from CAJE (Hazzan Mizrahi). Wow what fantastic voices... and together? Oy! Plus the choir, a band, a teen quartet, and a solo from an 8 year old that had everyone astounded.

Everyone = an audience of around 2,000. Really.

It was a wonderful Tuesday evening and... Dare I say? Even Joshua enjoyed it!

OH! and V got a 95 on her last Block Test! :)

And now, off to work.


Debbie in NC said...

Congratulations to V! I read about your sinus headache and ironically my post today is on same topic :)

Glad you two had a wonderful evening...

Michelle said...

Hey V!! I sent a really cute card out to her yesterday. Hope she is doing better. Trust me, she will have her up days and her down days. I am learning to not try to solve all of Shays bad days for her. Just listen. ALso, got your number. If you get a strange txt from area code 206 it is me.