Friday, May 30, 2008

What's not in your wallet?

I had to look at my keys to answer yesterday's questionnaire and it occurred to me that in addition to keys, pepper spray and keychains (fobs, but who says that anymore?!) I have amassed a collection of key cards; those little tags from a store or organisation that show you're a member or serve as coupons and are supposed to be more easily accessible on your keyring than a wallet card would be, which for me is true, since I don't usually use a wallet and when I do it's a men's tri-fold.

I currently have 8 of these little buggers! Eight?! It's like a miniature personalized statement of who I am all on it's own.

Here's my list:

1. CVS (drugstore)
2. Best Buy
3. Olgas kitchen
4. Kroger (grocery store)
5. DSW
6. Office Depot
7. Detroit Zoological Society
8. PetSmart

So - what do you think my eight key cards say about me?
How many do you have and what do yours say about you???


Tonjia said...

This is a funny topic. I HATE those club cards! everyone wants to give you one and what good are they anywhere except the grocery store??

the ones that I have accumulated are:

1. City Market (owned by Kroger)
2. Petsmart
3. Borders
4. Best Buy
5. Office Depot

I threw the rest of them away. I even had one from Foot Locker! OMG!

Drew said...

My mom has the foot locker one. Makes me laugh every time I see it.

1. Borders
2. Best Buy
3&4. Libraries (one in hometown, one in college town)
5. Kroger

Debbie in NC said...

Now CVS would be a good one to have! I only have the card, which I can never find.

I only have:

1. Food Lion
2. Harris Teeter
3. Lowe's Foods
4. Piercing Pagoda? Where in the hell did that come from? And it's all yucky and bent. Thanks, Lea, that's one I didn't know was on there and can come off! Good grief!

Great topic! LOL