Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Woke up with yet another sinus infection. I mean really, who gets this many?!

me. :(

So with my brain throbbing, someone behind my eyes kicking them foreward out of my head, someone else behind my ears pushing my molars and ear drums out - I made my way to the Advil. Yay Advil.

Of course, I my desperation for pain relief I forgot to eat a cracker, or anything.

Enter squeezy, queazy Advil-stomach. UGH!

I'd say I'm a knucklehead but the thought of knuckles and my head hurts too much to think about.

I have a lunch appointment at 11:30 and work from 4-10.

Wish me luck.


Drew said...

heh, i have finals in calculus 2 and philosophy. wanna trade?

but seriously, much luck!!!

Lea said...

I'd trade Socrates or Kirkegaard for a Sinus Infection any day! I love Philo.

Calc 2? That GIVES me headaches.

Ok, so what about a half swap? :)

Hugs and good luck to you, my friend.

and hey - are you 'home' for the summer?

Avivah said...

trade you both! I hate Math, so I wont' do so well there, but I had a block test today, handson training with 100 pound cables and 30 ft ladders, pt yesterday, and a 5k run in the am right before I go to class for more of the same....Wanna swap me?

Oh wait, yeah, I have CQ for 5 hours friday night, then i'm doing a Hike/freeclimb/swim all day sat....

yeha, I'd swap...

Lea said...

Dang girl! I'm tired just readin git!

Have a blast on the hike, climb, swim!

How'd the block test go???

Love you! Mom

Drew said...

Philo is definitely my favorite of Hume's characters, but I much prefer Nietzsche. The most blunt, original, and the only one to damn society. Makes me laugh.

Calc 2 actually went really well. I have no clue how I remembered everything, but it happened and i'm not complaining.

Yes, I'll actually be home in *checks watch* 14 hours or so? I'm so ready to get out of here. And i know I'll be desperate to come back in a week (with the exception of a couple of amazing weeks in june!!!), but yeah...

And no, V, being the not athletic type, I'm fine with my list of things.

Lea said...

Glad the finals are over and Calc went well, Drew.

Hey V - does that mean that we can call n' text with you all night on Friday?! WOOT! Bring your phone charger!

Is your shift 0100-0900?