Sunday, February 24, 2008


I'm back after a few much needed days away. Didn't go far or for long, just enough to let my proverbial hair down and recharge the batteries. Joshua was on February break this past week so he spent much of this past weekend with his best friends "hangin' out" together and sleeping over each other's houses. Joshua was also the Mooch-sitter for the weekend. He's such a good kid.

One dark cloud was that I, like Joshua, had to work during our mini-vacations. That stinks big time, but I suppose that every penny we can sock away to go see Avivah and have a few cents in our pockets is good. Guess that's the silver lining to it.

With the exception of Friday and Saturday I've written to Avivah every day she's been gone. I know a few of you lovely readers have written (and will write) to her too and I KNOW that has helped her tremendously. Thank you.

This week I have a couple funny things to send her in my letters so I think she'll get a kick out of how silly I can be and that I'll succeed in bringing a smile to her face. Go mom!

Other than the first call there hasn't been a peep from V... but NO news really is GOOD news! In fact, it is calming to me that things are going well enough that she hasn't had to call with changes or 'bad news'.

The next regular contact there will be is a packet with a parking pass and BMT graduation information. It's not a letter or anything personal but it will be addressed in her writing so it will feel as though she sent it. Hey! That counts!

Oh, one note! (LA!) In my absence my e-mail box filled to capacity and didn't accept new e-mails. If you sent something to me and it was returned to you, would you please send it again? (Especially if it was a request for V's address.)

Cool pic for today is the crest of V's Training Squadron. Go Knights! If you know Avivah you know how much she is enjoying this crest. A) She's a big Renaissance Festival fan. B) She loves Latin and has always wanted to learn it. and C) The Latin here sounds like a spell from Harry Potter!

Ok, you tenacious translators... My own take on it is: "Let's kick some serious medieval tuchas!!" So tell me.... What does it mean to you?


Deb Estep said...

324th Training Squadron
Previously designated as the 3704th Basic Military Training
Squadron organized on 1 March 1953, it became the 324th on 1
April 1994. The squadron has maintained responsibility for
producing Airmen of the highest caliber for 55 years!

Motto: Adventicius Imperium (Upon entering this realm)

Lea said...

Deb, that was cool.

Leave it to me to hope for creativity or just plain ol' silliness and forget to include the facts. Thank you for interjecting that wonderful information.

Ok, now if you had to write a slogan to go with the crest, what would it be? (insert medieval tuchas here!?) LoL

Debbie in NC said...


Glad you had a few days to regroup and are back! I had no idea what the badge meant so didn't try.

Yes, I would like V's address and Monika's too if you have it! Please send to I need more stamps!

I really don't know how you Mom's are doing it but keep the strength!

I day at a time and breathe! Is Spring ever coming?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mom, this is Drew. I'd appreciate V's address as well. Please send it to