Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hi, my name is Lea and...

I'm a musicaholic.

There, I've admitted it. Now there's only 11 steps I won't be taking left! I plan to remain a happy musicaholic for the rest of my days here and elsewhere. So there! :-P

To share my love of music and my slightly twisted sense of what I think is GOOD music, I have added a playlist (boldly snitched from WWWieners, Hallie) from to this blog.

I invite you to turn it up - or off - as you choose.

HOWEVER... if you should be one of those turning it up and enjoying what you hear, I invite you to enter my realm of bloggie fame.

How? You ask.

It's simple. There is a 100 song limit on a playlist. I'm a few short (NO JOKES, Please!) Listen to random selections from my playlist (which shouldn't be difficult, it's VERY random!) and suggest a song (one per comment, please) that you think I'd really enjoy. You must include both the artist and title and maybe a little about why you think I will love it and want to add it to the playlist here.

If projectplaylist has the song and the musicaholic in me really likes it, your suggestion will become a permanent part of the playlist here. I will then post who successfully suggested which song and poof! Bloggie fame for you!

Let the notes, er, comments, begin!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You stole from me? How dare you! If there were blogger police, I bet they'd lock you up! :)

Glad you've admitted you have a problem. That's really the first step!

Enjoy the music!


Anonymous said...

hah I have so many suggestions the 100 song limit would be obliterated.

That's why I use for my playlists

Anonymous said...

Ok Anon,
Does link easily to a blog and play on shuffle??
Do tell.