Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tough Day

Party was fun.
Spent money we don't necessarily have but was happy to have done it.
Hosted mostly V & Justin's friends.
About 15 ppl braved the weather all told.
Put my plans on hold today to be home helping and doing my own cleaning while V works on the room from hell.
4 months of "I'm working on it!" and it's knee-high to a giant.
Did laundry, transferred loads and folded clothes for her.
Helped her organize her bag for BMT.

Instead of working on what was to her a problem with me, she thanks me with a blog post that pisses on my help.

She's really stressed right now.
I know. And I'm an easy target.

It's Parenting 101. Kids lash out at those they know love them most, someone in whose love they feel secure, that their emotional slashing will not drive away from them. She's not wrong.

SO... lucky you, dear Reader! You get to hear me whine today. But you also get to hear that I am loved enough to take the crap and adore the kid too.

I'm pretty sure that days like today is the reason my friend Deb, from the Air Force Moms and Dads list, sent me this beautiful angel. She knows all too well that you need an angel by your side at times like these. She's also one of those people I count as one of my personal angels. (That was after I forgave her for living in OH.) She found V through the blog she had just started, and through that found me and invited me to join the AF moms and Dads list I talk about all the time.

Deb is sweet, artistic, spiritual and wonderful. Her son Vinny (also V) has been in the Air Force for a few years now, so if ever there's someone who knows what's in my head now, it's her!

Pop by her blog if you get the chance. She also dedicated a blog post to me because of a message I had sent her on the occassion of her 50th Birthday this week (HB again, Deb!):
I was soooo flattered :) You're an angel.


Debra Estep said...

Hey Lea,

Ohhh my but the angel looks
just lovely on your blog.
It's one of those Willow Tree
Angels. I have the one with the woman holding a folded flag to her heart.

Awwwww YUCK on how the day was, but you have the best attitude you could have. In the BIG scheme of things, days like that should be forgotten. :))

HANG ON, the ride is JUST starting.
Actually my V has been in the Air Force 5 years and 4 months and I have NO idea where the time went.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

What a wonderful friend you've made in Deb. She really is great. Sorry V has been difficult but glad you're seeing it for what it is. Stress. Hang in there momma.


Anonymous said...


Just read V's post...and can truly understand how you felt, and admire how you are handling it. I'm going thru the same thing with my son David. I will remember this in dealing with my own.

Deb is truly an angel and I love her! She is helping me tremendously in my journey learning to being alone.

I love the angel! Hang in there!

Debbie in NC

v&j's gorrilla said...


many hugs

Lea said...

Keep those hugs comin' guys! This momma really needs 'em.