Saturday, February 16, 2008


I hate not hearing from V yet. My poor hamsters are working over time in their wheel.
Another mom whose daughter started the same day as V just got her phone call. (Hi Carol. I'm jealous of you!)
Does this mean that Avivah's flight isn't working hard enough to earn their call? Is there a problem with her phone card? That they're being kept from calling when they know others have talked to their loved ones??? Oh gosh, just the thought of that happening hurts my heart.
Grrr... keeping busy... and quiet... and staring at the phone... and the clock... and the phone... and the clock...


Debbie in NC said...


I just got up from a nap and went straight to AF Mom/Dad to see if she'd called yet. You're right, she must not be in Monika's flight.

Gosh, hon, I know you're going crazy and I don't know how it feels yet but I haven't heard of any Mom NOT getting the call! Hopefully she'll call tomorrow and please know we are all thinking about you!

Sending you more prayers and hugs from NC (((Lea)))

Deb Estep said...

Dear Lea,

I've thought about you ALL day...

I'm sorry the call did not come today.... AND there is NO darn mail come Monday. Grrrrrr