Monday, February 25, 2008


Joshua ran in the house with the mail just now saying, "DIBS!" I knew then and there that we had mail from V. The information for her graduation from Basic Training arrived. Yay! Happy Dance!

The cutest part about it was that she included Mooch (the cat) in the address. Lea, Tim, Joshua (and Mooch!) Thomas LOL

And apparently *I* will be driving the rental car in San Antonio. For some reason she put me as the authorized driver. Not that I think anyone with a matching last name and identical address would not be allowed, but I found it funny.

I'm working a split shift at two different stores today so I'm on the run yet again. Ciao for now!

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Debbie in NC said...


I'm glad to hear you're out running and working and smiling cause you HEARD FROM V!!!!

What a wonderful Monday!

Of course, now it's already Tuesday morning and right now you're probably sleeping :-)