Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It's 8:28pm and I'm just saying good night to another AF mom (Hi Susan) on IM to let Joshua use the computer to write a letter to his sister.

My phone rings. Now, I'm not wearing my glasses at the moment so on my caller ID 248 (MI) looks just like 210 (TX) to me... I say "hello" and a voice I can't place for a heartbeat says "hi".


My first thought is "what's wrong" (remember all that "No news is good news" I keep repeating?!) but that's tactless, so I ask, "Are you ok?" to which she responded that yes, she was fine. OK... so now I am talking to my daughter AND I'm breathing too!!!

Joshua and Tim gathered 'round to listen. (I've been ordered to figure out how to activate my speaker phone feature at a moment's notice!)

Their flight earned patio time and reading some mail, though she says they've not been allowed to read it all, just one or two days worth (mind you, I write almost every day and I know many of you have written too).

She gushed with things she wanted to share. Let's see...
In her words: "It's hell, don't get me wrong, but I'm doing ok."
She passed her latest PT evaluation with flying colors.
She has a couple of jobs. 1 is stairwell monitor, the other 'duty day' job is laundry and patio duty which she says is 'cool' because she gets to carry her weapon.
Her dorm is a 'mess' but I think she was referring to personality issues and not inspection issues. Her insight was tremendous. She says that guys dorms don't start to work as a group and get along until weeks 2-3, while girls get along right away and then start to fall apart at weeks 2-3 because of personality stuff. She says they're working really hard to be a group and work together. (I'm sure patio time was a great motivator!)
They got their M16's a little early (not sure why).
She makes great time at her M16 disassembly, cleaning and reassembly and she enjoys doing it.
She lucked out yesterday and when her run was flagging and she was losing her focus a voice came up from behind her and said "You can do this"... It was Justin, her boyfriend who just came out of being a 'rainbow' (0 week)! She was so thrilled to see him that she ran like the wind and flew past her previous run time!!! LoL
I'm ok with that as long as she doesn't lose sight of doing this for herself and her goals as an AF trainee.
She rolled her ankle in the sand doing a field exercize and it's kinda sore. It didn't swell and seems strong so she's not seeking medical advice on it. I'll have to trust her judgement on it, right!? Actually, I agree with her.

Most of all she just sounded great and strong and positive.

And yeah, Mom here is on a HUGE Avivah high!


Deb Estep said...

Whoooo WHOooo !!!!!


That does seem like a late weekday call. Well Texas is an hour in time difference from MI. BUT I KNOW you will take a wonderful call like that at ANY time of the day.

GREAT news Lea, I know you can ~breathe~ just a bit easier knowing this....

THANKS for sharing.

Vince had the same thing with the back log of mail to read.
Keeping them from reading it is what they do.

He did pull out one of his sister's letters, took it to the bathroom .. .read it and flushed it.
He said.. NOTHING was going to keep him from reading a letter from his sis.

YEAH..... this just makes my DAY.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH! I'm so happy she is doing well.

She'll be graduating before you know it!


Michelle said...

Sounds like you should start making your travel arrangements!!

I remember those prescious calls so well. I did not get many of them. Sounds like she has the right attitude and knows that the BS of the personalities is just that.

Stay high!!

Di said...

That is so exciting! I think I welled up when I read the part about Justin :)

PS, LOVE the chant...

Lea said...

Thanks guys. I'm a very happy lady today.
Glad you like the music, Di. There is a player with some of my faves on the blog now. I snitched the idea and the site from Hallie, the WWWeiner lady.
Deb, thanks for the story about Vince and his sister's letter. Joshua sent one to V yesterday. The return addy reads: "'J' The Coolest Brother Ever!" And across the back of the envelope he wrote "OPEN ME!" Too cute, eh?