Saturday, February 16, 2008

tick tick tick

Is it time yet? Is it time yet?


How about now?


Waiting for Avivah's call is making me crazy(er).


Deb Estep said...

Awwwww it will come hon.

JUST hang in there.

Be prepared for V to sound...
a bit stressed. IF you are prepared and she sounds wonderful.. GREAT.

IF she sounds - yucky... well you will be prepared.

YOU have to address template right ?????

THINKING of you both.


Betty Frye said...

Dear, she will call you,she will read what sounds like from a script of her address, that she is fine and loves you. The 1st call is not long at all, but to hear their voice means the world to the mom. Once you get her address give it to me and i will send out some cards and letters to her. We are here for you. Sending hugs to you from this Va. AF Mom.

Dianne said...

It will be here and gone before you know. The 1st call was the hardest for me both times. I think it was hearing the crack in their voices. It will get better and know that she is ok. Wait to you see the change in her, she will make friends she will never forget. Hope you get in soon, and know that what you feel will be normal in the world of military parents. Shout if you need to.

PAFM to Bill and Bob and AFDIL Dee

Susie said...

She will call soon, just be very prepared. Jamies' first call was awful, she begged me to come get her. Her first letter was bad, too! After that all was good, hard but good. So be prepared, ok!
Let us know as soon as that call comes in!!
On pins and needles waiting for V's call
Sue T
PAFM Ssgt(s) Jamie

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea:) It's Kim from Indiana. Just wanted to send you a hug and tell you to hang in there, K? Her voice will sound like Angels to you(whether she sounds stressed or not) Just remember, everything is going to be ok:) WE are right here ready to take this walk with you. You cant imagine how relieved you will be once you hear from her, just to know that she made it and really is still alive:)


Kim (IN)
PAFM of A1C Jerry, Keesler AFB, MS
PM of Devon, IN (still home with his momma:)

Lea said...

OMG You guys are the absolute BEST and I want to come hug every one of you personally... except I can't leave my phone... it's glued... right here... to my side (see?)

Thank you for every thought and prayer. Each one makes a difference.

Blessings and Light,
Yours truly

PeggyWoods said...

Are you still awake? If she hasn't called yet you just might get a wake up call like I did from Corey. He called at 7 am Sunday morning, waking me from a deep sleep. You know how it is when the phone rings when you are asleep, takes a little while to realize that it's the phone. Didn't have the handy template so I couldn't make sense of what he told me, it was so different from my Marine's and the Army one. It went so fast that I sat and bawled when he hung up.
Hang in there, we are all waiting to hear you got the call. I'm going to need some cheery news since we're under yet another Winter Storm Warning for 1/2" of ice and possibly a foot of snow.
Sending lots of hugs to keep you strong!!

Tonjia said...

OK, by this time you have probably heard from V. It wont sound like her but look for that letter next week addressed in her handwriting. Each day gets easier, I promise..

Email me if you need to talk, ok?


BeckyW said...

I predict she will call in the morning (Sunday) if she has not already. The worst part is that they can't chit chat, you only have time to say hello and goodbye and listen in between. I know the wait is so hard... hang in there!


Lea said...

Still waiting!

Every time my phone rings I JUMP like a freaked out kangaroo! I'm just glad it hasn't rung too much with false alarms. My poor ceiling would be dented!!!

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I'm one stressed out momma.

Lea said...

And I just wrote this at 10:12am.
Blog time is messed up.