Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Makin' Memories

Complete and utter silliness at the hotel... (I think they're doing a bad KISS imitation)
While mom showered and showed that she really IS starting to feel human again.... (Wow, my nose is pink and my eyes are sunken. Remind me why I put this pic up for all to see?!)

Dinner time at Penn's Thai Cafe, and the theories on why shrimp chips stick to one's tongue began to abound. I think V had the last (and most plausible) word.

"How does it feel when I stare at your head? HMMMM?!?!"

The fine art of spoon hanging, by V. Don't try this at home kids! V is a trained spoon hanging professional with years of experience.

And Yep! You guessed it! More silliness!! :)

But can't you feel the love? I can. *sniff*
Such was the Thomas-foolery last night. There wasn't time to be sad or weepy - we had too many memories to make - so we did!

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