Monday, February 4, 2008


When you're preggers, one of the last things you do before having the baby is something they call "nesting". Suddenly you have all this energy for getting the 'nest' ready. You assemble the crib, unpack the clothes and make sure they're freshly washed, if you're ambitious you put a fresh coat of paint on the nursery walls.

Not that she is in ANY way, shape or form "with child" but today Avivah is nesting. (Cue the bird calls!)

She (and Justin) got up early to go to the gym, went to her former employer for a goodbye visit (that lasted 4 hours! LOL), stopped in at my store to give me a hug and a smile, went to the grocery store with V's dad, she and Justin made dinner for me that was hot and ready when I got home from work, we all ate together... and now???

Now she's cleaning her room!

I think I need to take her temperature. But no, that would call attention to all these positive AF preparations ~ which we moms know would call a screaming HALT to anything positive happening.

So I think I'll just blog about it and keep my happy dance to myself. ;)


Tonjia said...

hmmm "nesting" is a good thing, especially when it comes to a teenagers room! LOL

I cant believe the days are passing so quickly. Please give V a hug for me.


Lea said...

Hugs will be forthcoming... promise!

Di said...

At first I thought nesting was going to be huddling under a warm blanket with hot chocolate watching a funny movie. I guess that's more like "cocooning!"

Lea said...

blanket, cocoa, movie...
Works for me! :)