Monday, February 11, 2008

Hall Walking

We're here at the hotel where V will spend the night before her final in-processing and swearing-in around 10 tomorrow. I hope she gets some sleep because tomorrow's going to be a long day and she's fighting a cold too.

Oh, and Trainee Thomas wants Thai food for dinner. So off we'll go soon!


I have to tell you how humbling it is to see the "kids" coming in to the Command Center here. Some with parents and siblings, some alone and others delivered by their recruiter. Each of them with their heads held high, looking ready for the next step towards their future.

Got to tell you how dang proud I felt to be a mom of one of these terrific kids. I saw another mom in the hall. In an instant we knew what the other was thinking. We both smiled and stood a little taller - and braver - for our kids.

I suspect I'll tear up more than once just walking down the halls looking at these young soon-to-be-soldiers.

Bear with me, please. It's gonna be a long night.


Deb Proud AF Mom & AF MIL said...

Dear Lea ~ Proud Air Force Mom,

YOU are not alone and neither is your V, you will be covered in the white light of the Spirit.

{{{ LEA & V }}}


Deb Proud AF Mom & AF MIL said...

Hey Lea,

Speaking of Spirit....
A blogger friend, Vitor

OMG I just realized he is another 'V'..... as you call your daughter 'V' and I say "V" for my son Vince.

ANYWAY....... Vitor site is called
The Fractal Forest. He has created a piece of art and today he is inviting his readers to interpret that art.

I saw you and 'V' in the artwork.

Ohhhhhhhh gesssssssh that Air Force Mom part of me has leaking eyes.

Do check out his site.

Deb Proud AF Mom & AF MIL said...

The other link went off the page,
so I made it smaller....

The Fractal Forest

Anonymous said...


My heart and prayers are with you today. As Deb are not alone, girl.

I thought of you last night and still thinking of you this morning and watching the clock. Sending you virtual hugs and support!

Debbie in NC