Thursday, February 14, 2008

I see a theme

Remember a few days ago when I posted the beautiful angel "Serenity" pic that Deb sent me? Of course you do. (And if you just fibbed, quickly scroll down and see her... quick... I'll wait... See?! Ok, let's go back to the point.)

For Valentine's Day my mom (Hi mom) gave me this delicate little "angel of the heart". I'd never seen these pretty figurines before and now I have two of them. How cool is that?

I set her right here in front of my screen so I always remember how loved I am and how much I love those special people around me even when they're far away and I have to write to them (or leave comments on their blog so they know I'm paying attention, hint!).

So today, for V Day (how appropriate, eh?), I give you a pic of my newest angel. With Love, moi

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Debbie in NC said...

Lea, yes it's Saturday and I think and hope today is the day!

And if you go all day and no call then you just KNOW she'll call tomorrow.

I don't even think she'll be nervous sounding when she calls either LOL

Sending you hugs from NC and AF Moms/Dads.

(And no I didn't cheat on that post LOL, I just went back and forth on old that cheating? :-)