Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kerrrr- WHOMPPED!!!

Yep, I'm sick. Sinus infection (I already knew that), bronchitis and dig this... walking pneumonia too. I'm on a Z-pack and sleeping a lot.
Life goes on.

My sister Karen and nephew Hunter are here from MD for the weekend. Gosh it's wonderful to see them. Karen'd kill me if I put a pic of her here for all to see, but Hunter might not....

That's him in the cockpit of the plane! I know he's just a speck in the pic, but we're mighty proud of him. He's in Junior Civil Air Patrol and, we love this, he outranks Avivah! Cadet Airman! hee hee

I understand that there's a pic of him in his dress blues coming my way soon. You betcha it'll be here. :)

So I'm back to being horizontal for a bit. More later.


Irisi said...

Feel better lovely lady!!!

Anonymous said...


I hope you start to feel better today! Are you in the part of MI that is getting slammed by snow? I sure hope not. Will be thinking of you...

And hoping V gets out safely, is it tomorrow? Prayers are with you V!

Debbie in NC

Lea said...

Thanks so much! I'm a firm believer in: Better Living Through Pharmaceuticals!!!
So far they're working, which is a pity really, because I can't blame the 'water works' on the sickness!! :( WHAAA!