Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Party time... please!

Tonight is the going away party for V & Justin's friends and a few freinds and family members of ours.

Think: an inch or more of sleet and ice with at least 2" of snow on top. That's what we'll have later this evening with more snow falling... basically all night. Oh joy.

As I type, it's snowing HORIZONTALLY!

Either it'll cut down on the bar tab and we'll have cake and chips for a month at our house because people will stay home, or we'll have a bunch of happy cold people holed up in a PUB!

Either way it's all good and we'll have fun with whomever is there...
So be there... PLEASE!


Deb Estep said...

Hey Lea,

Hope the night was spectacular.!!

It's a rough thing trying to jam a lifetime into the last days before a child leaves for the Air Force.

IF waves of emotion over take you, you know exactly where to come and share that all. Those of us on the Air Force Parents Support site, know exactly what that feels like.

Lovies to you
and PLEASE HUG the KIDS for ME..

xo xo

A blog post - Dedicated to Lea

Anonymous said...


I hope everyone had a wonderful time! I know they are both getting so excited and nervous as well.

Goodbyes are so hard but you know we are here for you and they are going to fly!!!!!

AF/Mom Dad Group