Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Are we there yet???

I just got a call from Avivah. Her flight is babysitting a "baby flight" tonight so she was set for EC (Entry Control) and had some time to chat.

Even though her security clearance is still in-progress, she FINALLY got her job today! My baby is headed for Vandenberg AFB in CA for Tech School. This is a huge change from everything she'd been thinking, but she's delighted with it. Her job is going to be (dig this): Missle and Space Systems Maintenance (AFSC 2M032). Basically, my kid (heaven help us) is going to be working on ICBMs. Look out world!

I took the advice of my list and found out which flight she'll be in parade with (250). I also asked her to pick up her pictures. Then she volunteered to get us flight Tshirts, wahoo! Can't wait to see them.

V had a list of things she wanted from home for Tech: comfy PJ pants and tank tops were high on her list. She is desperate for anything Soft and Cozy!

Guess there's not much more to do now but GET THERE and HUG her!!

Thank you all for the love and support. I'll tell you all about it while we're there and more when I return too!

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Debbie in NC said...

Lea, did V have a guaranteed job when she went in? Did they change it on her? Just curious. BUT, V will absolutely love Vandenberg and the deployment rate on this career field would be extremely LOW I would think :)