Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm almost embarrassed to say it...

I know that I have been told that "No news from BMT is good news" but in our case it's been, "Hi V. You ok?" It's a tad inconsistent and certainly NOT what other BMT parents should expect. Leave it to MY kid to find a way to talk on the phone a bunch!!!

Today it was a call asking about my citizenship to complete the input for her security clearance. You'd think that was an easy question but in my particular case it isn't.

You see, like a Conehead, I was born in France, in a US Army field hospital. My dad was stationed there and my mom, well obviously she was there too (Hi Mom!) It's not like *I* had a choice! So I have a French birth certificate and a US Army birth certificate. This means that from the get-go I had dual citizenship.

However, at the age of 18 I automatically forfeit the French and became a full American citizen. No paperwork. Nothing to do. I have no "naturalization papers" and no document to prove anything actually happened to change my standing. Just *poof*... 100% American (as I really always had been).

So where, on this computerized form that V was filling out, is there a place to tell that kind of tale? Nowhere. In the end she had to take the information I told her and ask the TSgt. on duty. I have no idea what happened but I doubt it will stand in her way (at least it had BETTER NOT!)
Meanwhile she had a few minutes to talk (am I blessed or what?!) and I heard about FTX and AEF (Air Expeditionary Force) Harlow, which is the section she was in while there. (Still no official word on if they made AEF Flight of excellence.)

I told her about the plans we have for coming to grad and that I bought her a bathing suit so she can relax and have fun in the hotel pool. I brought her up to speed on her fellow AB, Breanna, and V sent a big, "HooRah! Hi Bre!" back to her!

I was able to share the 'Ryan and Rebecca' story with her. She'll keep an eye out for both of them. Apparently they have a "baby flight" moving in upstairs who are 2nd WOT's so who knows! The kids are all 324 KNIGHTS so there's a chance. I told her to say something to them about being from MI. That'll freak 'em out. hee hee

She did get a chance or two to write letters home. So why haven't we received any, you ask? Well it seems that they haven't earned the priviledge of MAILING them yet! Oy vey. On the flip side I suppose it's only fair... She has a bunch of everyone's letters in her mailbox and hasn't earned the priveledge of READING them yet! Sorry, I find it twistedly amusing.

Wishing y'all a Happy St. Paddy's Day (Bring Back The Snakes!) and happy wearing o' the Orange (oops, green). ;) Ciao for now!


Anonymous said...

gah! here i was waiting for a call when all along it wasnt going to come.

w00t to V. shes always wanted to have an adventure, and here hers is. wish i could hear from her... its always hard to hear from a source instead of her "HIYA!"

also i'd like to ask for support and shout outs to my cousin john-
as an AF mechanic who just compleated technical hes being shipped off to Iraq in a few months, and i think he needs all the comfort and encoragement he can get.


Tonjia said...

I have a feeling that V is going to do just fine when it comes to getting her info completed on that form. We just finished Breannas and it is a LONG form!
I am so happy that she is already in week 5, (can you believe it?) and I am excited to see her graduation pics. Thanks for the shout out V!

Keep hanging on, you are on the downhill slide right into tech school!