Friday, March 14, 2008

Nice Evening

I finally got to spend time with Joshua yesterday evening. What a gift.

The 3 of us (I'm still getting used to that) went out for our favorite dinner salads (Hellenic's Chicken Greek, OMG) where the funniest discussion of shampoos manly-men find acceptable ensued.

Nothing fruity, or girlie-scented, but the bright-green-bottle kind of fruity (turned out to be Garnier) is ok. Some that smell good just aren't good enough quality and I was informed of the 'rule' that you can't mix Old Spice body spray with Axe shampoo or vice versa (he has both).

I gave up.

Since he and I wanted to get the supplies for the Airman's Run sign we're designing together, we made a plan to go to Target so he could find whatever hereby dubbed ManPoo he wanted and get poster board too!

He ended up getting the Garnier ManPoo he wanted (not the upside down stuff, that was 'weird'), I got more Ricola (did I tell you I'm STILL coughing?) and we found the black and white posterboards. They didn't have Neon Pink (V's least fave color, LoL) or any silver glitter so I'll head out today to grab those.

At home, J got down the suitcase I'll be taking to TX (in 12 days!) and we started measuring and creating (bwahahahaha!). I'll post the whole sign-making process complete with pics soon.

Oh! And school for him is good, Econ is boring. He's wrapping up the testing he's been taking so he hasn't had a full normal day yet. So far so good.

On another topic...

V FINISHES FTX WEEK TODAY! Not sure if phone time is something they will get after completing FTX but my phone is charged and ready. I'll ask for an exception to carry my phone during work later today. Don't call for fun... I'll jump right out of my skin! :-o

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