Sunday, March 23, 2008

Button, button who's got the button?!


My lovely cat sitter, Cheryl, offered up her brother Don's services as a button-maker to make squadron buttons we can wear to support V on Grad weekend (NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!). I sent him a picture of the squadron crest and also attached a .jpg of the pic to an e-mail.

These very cool buttons, with the 324 crest on them, arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Quick delivery too! (Yes mom, I got one for each of us!) :)

On the back of each button is a sticker "Buttons by Don, Any Quantity, 989-843-7336" so I know he won't mind the free advertising here. His e-mail addy is: I can highly recommend his button-making service. Thanks Don, we'll wear them with pride!

Be forewarned, he may send a pic with him dressed as a *shudder* clown. :( (Yes, I'm Coulrophobic.)


Tonjia said...

Cool button!!! Cheryls brother is a good one to know.

I am so thrilled and excited for you Lea, I cant tell you how happy (And proud) that I am of and for V.. You are getting to do what I never got to do, attend a BMT graduation, please know that I am there with you in spirit. I remember the day you joined our group, it didnt seem that long ago.
Congratulations Air Force mom! Your daughter is an AIRMAN!! WOO HOO!!!!

Me said...

Yeay AVIVAH! You have a cheering section here!

Regarding buttons..
Just don't ask my brudder for an *autographed* Shrinner's Clown Pic... He WILL send! LOL

Don has been handicapped since birth, and making the buttons & doing the clown stuff help keep him busy.